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2020 Astrology Events Calendar

Below is a list of astrological events occurring in 2020, broken down by month and type. Retrograde periods for the planets are shown first, including retrograde shadow period times for Mercury, Venus and Mars.

Also included are Eclipses, Full and New Moons and Out of Bounds planets for 2020. Finally, the major transits for the year are broken down month by month. 

All times are Central Standard Time (CST).

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Planet Retrograde and Shadow Periods

16 Feb 2020 (12° Pis 53′) to 9 Mar 2020 (28° Aqu 12′) – details here
Shadow period – 2 Feb to 29 Mar 2020

17 Jun 2020 (14° Can 45′) to 12 Jul 2020 (5° Can 29′)
Shadow period – 1 Jun to 26 Jul 2020

13 Oct 2020 (11° Sco 40′ ) to 3 Nov 2020 (25 Lib 53′ )
Shadow period – 23 Sep to 19 Nov 2020

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13 May 2020 (21° Gem 50′) to 25 Jun 2020 (5° Gem 20′)
Shadow period – 9 Apr to 29 Jul 2020

Read more about Venus Retrograde

9 sep 2020 (28° Ari 08′) to 13 Nov 2020 (15° Ari 13′)
Shadow period 25 Jul 2020  to 2 Jan 2021

Read about Superior Planet (Mars to Pluto) retrogrades

14 May 2020 (27° Cap 14′ ) to 12 Sep 2020 (17 Cap 24′)

Read about Jupiter Retrograde and Superior Planet (Mars to Pluto) retrogrades

10 May 2020 (01° Aqu 57′) to 29 Sep 2020 (25° Cap 20′)

Read about Superior Planet (Mars to Pluto) retrogrades

15 Aug 2020 (10° Tau 41′) to 14 Jan 2021 (6° Tau 43′)

Read about Superior Planet (Mars to Pluto) retrogrades

22 Jun 2020 (20° Pis 57′) to 28 Nov 2020 (18° Pis 09′)

Read about Superior Planet (Mars to Pluto) retrogrades

25 Apr 2020 (24° Cap 59′) to 4 Oct 2020 (22° Cap 29′)

Read about Superior Planet (Mars to Pluto) retrogrades

Eclipses, Full and New Moons

Jan 10thPenumbral Lunar Eclipse 20° Cancer

Jun 5th Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 15° Sagittarius

Jun 21stAnnular Solar Eclipse 0° Cancer

Jul 4thPenumbral Lunar Eclipse 13° Capricorn

Nov 30th Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 8° Gemini

Dec 14thTotal Solar Eclipse 23° Sagittarius

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Jan 10th – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 20° Cancer (Wolf Moon)

Feb 9th – Full Moon 20° Leo (Snow Moon)

Mar 9th – Full Moon 19° Virgo (Worm Moon)

Apr 7th – Full Moon 18° Libra (Pink Moon)

May 7th – Full Moon 17° Scorpio (Flower Moon)

Jun 5th –Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 15° Sagittarius (Strawberry Moon)

Jul 4th – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 13° Capricorn (Buck Moon)

Aug 3rd – Full Moon 11° Aquarius (Sturgeon Moon)

Sep 2nd – Full Moon 10° Pisces (Harvest Moon)

Oct 1st – Full Moon 9° Aries (Hunters Moon)

Oct 31st – Full Moon 8° Taurus

Nov 30th – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 8° Gemini (Beaver Moon)

Dec 29th – Full Moon 8° Cancer (Cold Moon)

Jan 24th – New Moon 4° Aquarius

Feb 23rd – New Moon 4° Pisces

Mar 24th – New Moon 4° Aries

Apr 22nd – New Moon 3° Taurus

May 22nd – New Moon 2° Gemini

Jun 21st – New Moon Solar Eclipse 0° Cancer

Jul 20th – New Moon 28° Cancer

Aug 18th – New Moon 26° Leo

Sep 17th – New Moon 25° Virgo

Oct 16th – New Moon 23° Libra

Nov 15th – New Moon 23° Scorpio

Dec 14th – New Moon Solar Eclipse 23° Sagittarius

Out of Bounds Planets

Mar 16th – 17th, 2020

March 31st to April 1st 2020

April 12th – 14th, 2020

April 27 –  29th, 2020

May 10th – 11th, 2020

May 24th – 26th, 2020

June 6th – 8th, 2020

June 20th – 22nd, 2020

July 3rd – 5th, 2020

July 18th – 20th, 2020

July 31st – August 2nd, 2020

August 14th –  6th, 2020

August 27th  – 29th, 2020

September 10th – 13th, 2020

September 23rd – 25th, 2020

October 7th – 10th, 2020

October 20th – 23rd, 2020

November 4th – 7th, 2020

November 16th – 19th, 2020

December 1st – 4th, 2020

December 14th – 17th, 2020

December 28th – 31st, 2020

December 21st

December 22nd, 2019 – January 12th, 2020

May 15th – June 9th, 2020

December 11th – January 4th, 2021


April 2nd to June 1st, 2020

February 8th to March 3rd, 2020

Monthly Transits

Jan 1st – Moon enters Aries

Jan 2nd – Mercury conjunct Jupiter

Jan 3rd – Mars enters Sagittarius

Jan 4th – Moon enters Taurus

Jan 6th – Moon enters Gemini

Jan 7th – Sun sextile Neptune

Jan 8th – Mercury sextile Neptune

Jan 9th – Moon enters Cancer

Jan 9th – Uranus stations

Jan 10th – Sun conjunct Mercury

Jan 10thMoon opposition Sun (Full Moon) Lunar eclipse 20° Cancer

Jan 10th – Uranus stations direct 2° Taurus

Jan 11th – Moon enters Leo

Jan 11th – Uranus direct

Jan 12th – Mercury conjunct Saturn

Jan 12th – Mercury conjunct Pluto

Jan 12thSaturn conjunct Pluto

Jan 13th – Sun conjunct Pluto

Jan 13th – Moon enters Virgo

Jan 13th – Sun conjunct Saturn

Jan 13th – Venus enters Pisces

Jan 15th – Moon enters Libra

Jan 15th – Venus sextile Uranus

Jan 16th – Mercury enters Aquarius

Jan 17th – Moon enters Scorpio

Jan 18th – Mercury square Uranus

Jan 19th – Moon enters Sagittarius

Jan 20th – Sun enters Aquarius

Jan 21st – Moon enters Capricorn

Jan 23rd – Sun square Uranus

Jan 23rd – Venus sextile Jupiter

Jan 24th – Moon enters Aquarius

Jan 24th – Moon conjunct Sun (New Moon) 4° Aquarius

Jan 25th – Mercury sextile Mars

Jan 26th – Moon enters Pisces

Jan 26th – Venus square Mars

Jan 27th – Venus conjunct Neptune

Jan 28th – Mars square Neptune

Jan 29th – Moon enters Aries

Jan 31st – Moon enters Taurus

Feb 1st – Venus sextile Pluto

Feb 2nd – Shadow period for retrograde Mercury starts

Feb 3rd – Moon enters Gemini

Feb 3rd – Mercury enters Pisces

Feb 3rd – Venus sextile Saturn

Feb 5th – Mercury sextile Uranus

Feb 5th – Moon enters Cancer

Feb 7th – Venus enters Aries

Feb 7th – Moon enters Leo

Feb 9th – Moon opposition Sun (Full Moon) 20° Leo

Feb 9th – Moon enters Virgo

Feb 11th Moon enters Libra

Feb 13th – Moon enters Scorpio

Feb 15th – Mercury stations

Feb 15th Moon enters Sagittarius

Feb 16th – Mars enters Capricorn

Feb 16th Mercury stations retrograde 12° Pisces

Feb 17thMercury retrograde

Feb 18th Moon enters Capricorn

Feb 18th Sun enters Pisces

Feb 20thJupiter sextile Neptune

Feb 20thMoon enters Aquarius

Feb 21st Mars trine Uranus

Feb 22nd – Sun sextile Uranus

Feb 23rdMoon enters Pisces

Feb 23rd – Moon conjunct Sun (New Moon) 4° Pisces

Feb 23rd – Venus square Jupiter

Feb 24th – Sun sextile Mars

Feb 25th – Moon enters Aries

Feb 25th – Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury

Feb 26th – Retrograde Mercury sextile Mars

Feb 28th – Moon enters Taurus

Feb 28th – Venus square Pluto

Feb 28th – Retrograde Mercury sextile Uranus

Mar 1st – Moon enters Gemini

Mar 3rd – Venus square Saturn

Mar 3rd – Moon enters Cancer

Mar 4th – Retrograde Mercury enters Aquarius

Mar 4th – Retrograde Mercury sextile Venus

Mar 4th – Venus enters Taurus

Mar 6th – Moon enters Leo

Mar 8th – Moon enters Virgo

Mar 8th – Sun conjunct Neptune

Mar 8th – Venus conjunct Uranus

Mar 8th – Mercury stations

Mar 9th – Moon opposition Sun (Full Moon) 19° Virgo

Mar 9th – Mercury stations direct 28° Aquarius

Mar 10th – Moon enters Libra

Mar 10th – Mercury direct

Mar 11th – Sun sextile Jupiter

Mar 12th Moon enters Scorpio

Mar 14th – Mars sextile Neptune

Mar 14thMoon enters Sagittarius

Mar 14th – Sun sextile Pluto

Mar 16th – Mercury enters Pisces

Mar 16th – Moon enters Capricorn

Mar 18th – Moon enters Aquarius

Mar 19th – Sun sextile Saturn

Mar 19th – Sun enters Aries

Mar 21stMoon enters Pisces

Mar 21st – Saturn enters Aquarius

Mar 22nd – Mercury sextile Uranus

Mar 22nd – Venus sextile Neptune

Mar 23rd – Mars conjunct Pluto

Mar 23rd – Moon enters Aries

Mar 24th – Moon conjunct Sun (New Moon) 4° Aries

Mar 26th – Moon enters Taurus

Mar 27th – Venus trine Jupiter

Mar 28th – Moon enters Gemini

Mar 28th – Venus trine Pluto

Mar 29th – Shadow period for retrograde Mercury ends

Mar 30th – Mars enters Aquarius

Mar 31st – Moon enters Cancer

Mar 31st – Mars conjunct Saturn

Apr 2nd – Moon enters Leo

Apr 3rd – Venus enters Gemini

Apr 3rd – Mercury conjunct Neptune

Apr 4th – Venus trine Saturn

Apr 4thMoon enters Virgo

Apr 4th – Jupiter conjunct Pluto

Apr 6th – Moon enters Libra

Apr 7th – Mars square Uranus

Apr 7th – Mercury sextile Pluto

Apr 7th – Mercury sextile Jupiter

Apr 7th – Moon opposition Sun (Full Moon) 18° Libra

Apr 8th – Moon enters Scorpio

Apr 9th – Shadow period for retrograde Venus begins

Apr 10thMoon enters Sagittarius

Apr 10th – Mercury enters Aries

Apr 11th – Mercury sextile Saturn

Apr 12th – Moon enters Capricorn

Apr 14th – Sun square Pluto

Apr 15thMoon enters Aquarius

Apr 15th – Sun square Jupiter

Apr 17th Moon enters Pisces

Apr 18th – Mercury sextile Venus

Apr 19th – Mercury sextile Mars

Apr 19th – Sun enters Taurus

Apr 20th – Moon enters Aries

Apr 21st – Sun square Saturn

Apr 22nd – Moon enters Taurus

Apr 22nd – Moon conjunct Sun (New Moon) 3° Taurus

Apr 24th – Pluto stations

Apr 25th – Moon enters Gemini

Apr 25th – Mercury square stationed Pluto

Apr 25th – Pluto stations retrograde 24° Capricorn 59′

Apr 25th – Mercury square Jupiter

Apr 26th – Sun conjunct Uranus

Apr 27th – Moon enters Cancer

Apr 27th – Mercury enters Taurus

Apr 28th – Mercury square Saturn

Apr 29th – Moon enters Leo

May 2nd Moon enters Virgo

May 3rd – Venus square Neptune

May 4th – Moon enters Libra

May 4th – Sun conjunct Mercury

May 6th – Moon enters Scorpio

May 7th – Mercury sextile Neptune

May 7th – Moon opposition Sun (Full Moon) 17° Scorpio

May 8thMoon enters Sagittarius

May 9th – Mercury trine retrograde Pluto

May 10th – Saturn stations

May 10th Moon enters Capricorn

May 10th – Mercury trine Jupiter

May 10th – Sun sextile Neptune

May 10th – Saturn stations retrograde 01° Aquarius

May 11th – Mercury square Mars

May 11th – Mercury enters Gemini

May 12th – Venus stations

May 12thMoon enters Aquarius

May 12th – Mercury trine retrograde Saturn

May 13th – Mars enters Pisces

May 13th – Venus stations retrograde 21° Gemini

May 13th – Jupiter stations

May 14th – Venus retrograde

May 14th – Jupiter stations retrograde 27° Capricorn

May 14thMoon enters Pisces

May 15th – Sun trine retrograde Pluto

May 15th – Jupiter retrograde

May 17th – Moon enters Aries

May 17th – Sun trine retrograde Jupiter

May 19th – Moon enters Taurus

May 20th – Sun enters Gemini

May 20th – Retrograde Venus square Neptune

May 22nd – Mercury conjunct retrograde Venus

May 22nd – Sun trine retrograde Saturn

May 22nd – Moon enters Gemini

May 22ndMercury square Neptune

May 22nd – Moon conjunct Sun (New Moon) 2° Gemini

May 24th – Moon enters Cancer

May 25th – Mars sextile Uranus

May 27th – Moon enters Leo

May 28th – Mercury enters Cancer

May 29th – Moon enters Virgo

May 31st Moon enters Libra


Jun 1st – Shadow period for retrograde Mercury begins

Jun 2nd – Moon enters Scorpio

Jun 2nd – Retrograde Venus square Mars

Jun 3rd – Sun conjunct retrograde Venus

Jun 4th Moon enters Sagittarius

Jun 5th – Mercury sextile Uranus

Jun 5th – Moon opposition Sun (Full Moon) Lunar Eclipse 15° Sagittarius

Jun 6th – Sun square Mars

Jun 6th – Moon enters Capricorn

Jun 8th – Moon enters Aquarius

Jun 11th – Sun square Neptune

Jun 11th Moon enters Pisces

Jun 13th – Mars conjunct Neptune

Jun 13th – Moon enters Aries

Jun 16th – Moon enters Taurus

Jun 17th – Mercury stations

Jun 17th – Mercury stations retrograde 14° Cancer

Jun 17th – Moon enters Gemini

Jun 17th – Mars sextile retrograde Pluto

Jun 18th – Mercury retrograde

Jun 20th – Mars sextile retrograde Jupiter

Jun 20th – Sun enters Cancer

Jun 21st – Moon enters Cancer

Jun 21st – Moon conjunct Sun (New Moon) Solar Eclipse 0° Cancer

Jun 21st – Neptune stations

Jun 22nd – Neptune stations retrograde 20° Pisces

Jun 23rd – Moon enters Leo

Jun 23rd – Neptune retrograde

Jun 24th – Venus stations

Jun 25th – Venus stations direct 5° Gemini

Jun 25thMoon enters Virgo

Jun 26th – Venus direct

Jun 27thMoon enters Libra

Jun 27th – Mars enters Aries

Jun 28th – Mars sextile Saturn

Jun 29thMoon enters Scorpio

Jun 30th – Retrograde Mercury sextile Uranus

Jun 30th – Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury

Jul 1st – Sun sextile Uranus

Jul 1st – Retrograde Saturn enters Capricorn

Jul 1stMoon enters Sagittarius

Jul 3rdMoon enters Capricorn

Jul 4th – Moon opposition Sun (Full Moon) Lunar Eclipse 13° Capricorn

Jul 6th – Moon enters Aquarius

Jul 8th – Retrograde Mercury square Mars

 Jul 8th Moon enters Pisces

Jul 11th – Moon enters Aries

Jul 11th – Mercury stations

Jul 12th – Mercury stations direct 5° Cancer

Jul 12th – Sun trines retrograde Neptune

Jul 13th – Moon enters Taurus

Jul 14th – Sun opposition retrograde Jupiter

Jul 15th – Sun opposition Pluto

Jul 16th – Moon enters Gemini

Jul 18th – Moon enters Cancer

Jul 20th – Moon conjunct Sun (New Moon) 28° Cancer

Jul 20th – Moon enters Leo

Jul 20th – Sun opposition retrograde Saturn

Jul 22nd – Sun enters Leo

Jul 22nd – Mercury sextile Uranus

Jul 22nd – Moon enters Virgo

Jul 24th – Moon enters Libra

Jul 25th – Shadow period for retrograde Mars starts

Jul 26th – Shadow period for retrograde Mercury ends

Jul 26th – Moon enters Scorpio 

Jul 27th – Retrograde Jupiter sextile retrograde Neptune

Jul 27th – Venus square retrograde Neptune

Jul 27th – Mercury square Mars

July 29th – Shadow period for retrograde Venus ends

Jul 29thMoon enters Sagittarius

Jul 30th – Mercury opposition retrograde Jupiter

Jul 30th – Mercury trine retrograde Neptune

Jul 31st – Moon enters Capricorn 

Aug 1st – Mercury opposition Pluto

Aug 2nd – Sun square Uranus

Aug 2nd – Moon enters Aquarius

Aug 3rd – Moon conjunct Sun (New Moon) 11° Aquarius

Aug 3rd – Mercury opposition retrograde Saturn

Aug 4th – Mars square retrograde Jupiter

Aug 4thMoon enters Pisces 

Aug 4th – Mercury enters Leo

Aug 7th – Moon enters Aries

Aug 7th – Venus enters Cancer

Aug 9th – Moon enters Taurus

Aug 10th – Mercury square Uranus

Aug 12th – Moon enters Gemini

Aug 13th – Mars square Pluto

Aug 14th – Uranus stations

Aug 14th – Moon in Cancer

Aug 15th – Uranus stations retrograde 10° Taurus

Aug 16th – Sun trine Mars

Aug 16th – Uranus retrograde

Aug 17th – Mercury trine Mars

Aug 17th – Moon enters Leo

Aug 17th – Sun conjunct Mercury

Aug 18th – Venus sextile retrograde Uranus

Aug 18th – Moon opposition Sun (Full Moon) 26° Leo

Aug 19th – Moon enters Virgo

Aug 19th – Mercury enters Virgo

Aug 21st – Moon enters Libra

Aug 22nd – Sun enters Virgo

Aug 23rd – Moon enters Scorpio

Aug 24th – Mars square retrograde Saturn

Aug 25th Moon enters Sagittarius

Aug 25th – Mercury trine retrograde Uranus

Aug 25th – Venus opposition retrograde Jupiter

Aug 27th – Moon enters Capricorn

Aug 27th – Venus trine Neptune

Aug 29th – Mercury trine retrograde Jupiter

Aug 29th – Moon enters Aquarius

Aug 30th – Venus opposition retrograde Pluto

Aug 30th – Mercury opposition retrograde Neptune

Sep 1st – Moon enters Pisces

Sep 1st – Mercury trine retrograde Pluto

Sep 2nd – Moon opposition Sun (Full Moon) 10° Pisces

Sep 2nd – Venus opposition retrograde Saturn 

Sept 2nd – Sun trine retrograde Uranus

Sep 3rd – Mercury trine retrograde Saturn

Sept 3rd – Moon enters Aries

Sep 4th – Venus square Mars

Sep 4th – Mercury sextile Venus

Sep 5th – Mercury enters Libra

Sep 6th – Venus enters Leo

Sep 6th – Moon enters Taurus

Sep 8th – Moon enters Gemini

Sep 8th – Mars stations

Sep 9th – Sun trine retrograde Jupiter 

Sep 9th – Mars stations retrograde 28° Aries

Sep 10th – Mars retrograde

Sep 11th – Moon enters Cancer

Sep 11th – Sun opposition retrograde Neptune

Sep 11th – Jupiter stations

Sep 12th – Jupiter stations direct 17° Capricorn

Sep 13th – Moon enters Leo

Sep 13th – Jupiter direct

Sep 14th – Sun trine retrograde Pluto

Sep 15th – Venus square retrograde Uranus

Sep 15th – Moon enters Virgo

Sep 17th – Mercury square Jupiter

Sep 17th – Moon conjunct Sun (New Moon) 25° Virgo

Sep 17th – Sun trine retrograde Saturn

Sep 17th – Moon enters Libra

Sep 19thMoon enters Scorpio 

Sep 21st –  Mercury square retrograde Pluto

Sep 21stMoon enters Sagittarius

Sep 22nd – Sun enters Libra

Sep 23rd – Mercury square retrograde Saturn 

Sep 23rdMoon enters Capricorn

Sep 23rd – Shadow period for Mercury retrograde begins

Sep 24th – Mercury opposition retrograde Mars

Sep 26th – Moon enters Aquarius

Sep 27th – Mercury enters Scorpio

Sep 28th – Saturn stations

Sep 28th Moon enters Pisces

Sep 28th – Venus trine retrograde Mars

Sep 29th – Saturn stations direct

Sep 29th – Retrograde Mars squares stationary Saturn

Sep 30th – Saturn direct

Sep 30th – Moon enters Aries

Oct 1st – Moon opposition Sun (Full Moon) 9° Aries

Oct 2nd – Venus enters Virgo

Oct 3rd – Pluto stationary

Oct 3rd – Moon enters Taurus

Oct 4th – Pluto stations direct 22° Capricorn

Oct 5th – Pluto direct

Oct 5th – Moon enters Gemini

Oct 7th – Mercury opposition retrograde Uranus

Oct 8th – Moon enters Cancer

Oct 9th – Retrograde Mars square Pluto

Oct 10th – Venus trine retrograde Uranus

Oct 10th – Moon enters Leo

Oct 11th – Sun square Jupiter 

Oct 12th – Jupiter sextile retrograde Neptune

Oct 12th – Mercury sextile Venus

Oct 12th – Mercury stations

Oct 12th – Moon enters Virgo

Oct 13th – Sun opposition retrograde Mars

Oct 13th – Mercury stations retrograde 11° Scorpio

Oct 14th – Mercury retrograde

Oct 15th – Moon enters Libra

Oct 15th – Sun square Pluto

Oct 16th – Moon conjunct Sun (New Moon) 23° Libra

Oct 17th – Moon enters Scorpio

Oct 18th – Sun square Saturn 

Oct 18th – Venus opposition retrograde Neptune

Oct 18th Moon enters Sagittarius

Oct 19th – Retrograde Mars square Jupiter

Oct 19th – Venus trine Jupiter

Oct 19th – Retrograde Mercury opposition retrograde Uranus

Oct 21st Moon enters Capricorn

Oct 21st – Venus sextile Pluto

Oct 22nd – Sun enters Scorpio

Oct 23rdMoon enters Aquarius

Oct 24th – Venus trine Saturn

Oct 25th – Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury

Oct 25thMoon enters Pisces

Oct 27th – Retrograde Mercury enters Libra

Oct 27th – Venus enters Libra

Oct 28th – Moon enters Aries

Oct 30th – Moon enters Taurus

Oct 31st – Moon opposition Sun (Full Moon) 8° Taurus

Oct 31st – Sun opposition retrograde Uranus

Nov 1st – Retrograde Mercury square Saturn

Nov 2nd – Moon enters Gemini 

Nov 2nd – Mercury stations

Nov 3rd – Mercury stations direct 25° Libr

Nov 4th – Mercury direct

Nov 4th – Moon enters Cancer

Nov 6th – Mercury square Saturn

Nov 7th – Moon enters Leo

Nov 9th – Moon enters Virgo

Nov 9th – Venus opposition retrograde Mars

Nov 9th – Sun trine retrograde Neptune

Nov 10th – Mercury enters Scorpio

Nov 11th – Moon enters Libra

Nov 12th – Jupiter conjunct Pluto 

Nov 12th – Mars stations

Nov 13thMoon enters Scorpio 

Nov 13th – Mars stations direct 15° Aries

Nov 14th – Sun sextile Pluto

Nov 14th – Sun sextile Jupiter

Nov 15th – Moon conjunct Sun (New Moon) 23° Scorpio

Nov 15thMoon enters Sagittarius 

Nov 15th – Venus square Pluto

Nov 16th – Venus square Jupiter

Nov 17th – Mercury opposition retrograde Uranus 

Nov 17th – Moon enters Capricorn

Nov 19th – Sun sextile Saturn

Nov 19th – Venus sextile Saturn

Nov 19th – Shadow period for Mercury ends

Nov 19thMoon enters Aquarius

Nov 21st –Venus enters Scorpio

Nov 21st – Sun enters Sagittarius

Nov 21st Moon enters Pisces

Nov 23rd – Mercury trine retrograde Neptune

Nov 24th – Moon enters Aries

Nov 26th – Moon enters Taurus

Nov 27th – Mercury sextile Pluto

Nov 27th – Venus opposition retrograde Uranus

Nov 27th – Neptune stations

Nov 28th – Neptune stations direct 18° Pisces

Nov 28th – Mercury sextile Jupiter

Nov 29th – Moon enters Gemini

Nov 29th – Neptune direct

Nov 30th – Moon opposition Sun (Full Moon) Lunar Eclipse 8° Gemini

Nov 30th – Mercury sextile Saturn

Dec 1st – Mercury enters Sagittarius

Dec 1st – Moon enters Cancer

Dec 4th – Moon enters Leo

Dec 5th – Venus trine Neptune

Dec 6th Moon enters Virgo

Dec 8th – Moon enters Libra

Dec 9th – Sun square Neptune

Dec 10th – Venus sextile Pluto

Dec 10th Moon enters Scorpio

Dec 10th – Sun trine Mars

Dec 12thMoon enters Sagittarius

Dec 13th Mercury square Neptune

Dec 14th – Moon conjunct Sun (New Moon) Solar Eclipse 23° Sagittarius

Dec 14th – Venus sextile Jupiter

Dec 14thMoon enters Capricorn

Dec 14th – Mercury trine Mars

Dec 15th – Venus sextile Saturn

Dec 15th – Venus enters Sagittarius

Dec 16th – Saturn enters Aquarius

Dec 17th Moon enters Aquarius

Dec 19th Moon enters Pisces

Dec 19th – Jupiter enters Aquarius

Dec 19th – Sun conjunct Mercury

Dec 20th – Mercury enters Capricorn

Dec 21st Sun enters Capricorn

Dec 21st – Jupiter conjunct Saturn

Dec 21st – Moon enters Aries

Dec 23rd – Mars square Pluto

Dec 24th – Moon enters Taurus

Dec 25th – Mercury trine retrograde Uranus

Dec 26th – Moon enters Gemini

Dec 27th – Sun trine retrograde Uranus

Dec 29th – Moon enters Cancer

Dec 29th – Moon opposition Sun (Full Moon) 8° Cancer

Dec 30th – Venus square Neptune

Dec 31st – Moon enters Leo

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