About Me

Hi, I’m Lynda, and I hail from sunny Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I’ve been fascinated by astrology since I was a kid. I remember coming across my mum’s copy of Linda Goodman’s “Sun Signs” when I was about ten or so and devouring it cover to cover.

As I grew older, I discovered Linda Goodman’s “Love Signs”, and my interest was well and truly whetted. As this was around the mid-80s, and pre-internet, I ended up sending away for a natal chart report.

Lynda Filer owner of Scullywag Astrology

I remember going into work the next day and telling some of the ladies I worked with that I had received my natal chart. I then asked, “And guess what sign my Moon is in?” They both answered “Scorpio!” in unison. It kind of delighted me that my Scorpio Moon was so obvious but was also a little disconcerting. I mean – surely a Scorpio Moon should be more inscrutable.

It wasn’t until I got online in the late 90s, though, that I was really able to expand my astrological knowledge. All this information about astrology, and so much of it for free! I was like a kid in a candy store.

In late January 2002, I enrolled in the Canopus Academy of Astrology. In April 2003, I was fortunate enough to attend the 5-day “A Marriage of Minds” astrology conference in Hepburn Springs in Victoria, Australia. I met some wonderful people there, but one in particular, Sue Toohey, became a good friend.

Sue was lots of fun, smart, kind, and incredibly generous with her time and knowledge. She too had been raised in Brisbane, so when she was in town visiting family, we would catch up. We would talk about astrology, gossip, and have a good laugh. In between visits, we would keep in touch via email or phone. When Sue moved to Armidale and couldn’t take all her books with her, I was the very fortunate recipient of many of her astrology books.

Sadly Sue passed away in 2007, aged only 46. There have been many times over the last 13 years when I have thought of Sue and missed her company. For some reason, though, these last few days (24th and 25th July 2020), I have been thinking more and more about Sue. There have been some strange synchronicities, so I wanted to acknowledge Sue’s impact on my life. How fortunate I was to know her, even if only for that short while.

I never did finish my studies with Canopus. Life got busy, especially after I re-entered the workforce after taking time off while my kids were young. Then the academy was closed as the owner retired.

You never really recover from being bitten by the astrology bug, though. Astrology is such a vast subject that you are always learning, and I never lost my interest in it. I would still spend many hours looking at natal charts, synastry, and secondary progressions for myself and those close to me.

Over the last few years though, I’d become more aware of Hellenistic astrology and it really seemed to resonate with me. So, now all these years later, I find myself studying astrology again in a more structured format.

I am also thrilled to say that I now have a close group of fellow astrologers that I can discuss astrology topics with again. Finally, my poor family and friends have been saved from me trying to explain astrological concepts to them.

I have recently graduated from the STA’s Horary Astrology course and am enjoying the extra knowledge I have gleaned through them.