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Cancer 2021 Horoscope

You can find your Cancer 2021 horoscope below. These horoscopes work best when you read your Ascendant sign and not your Sun sign (also known as your star sign).

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Just as in life, you can have some things going well and others going not so well; some of the predictions below may seem to contradict each other. Sometimes the planetary aspects seem to really hit home in your chart, and other times not so much.

This is an indication of what to expect in a general sense and is not calibrated to your individual natal chart, and covers only the basics of what to expect in 2021.

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All dates given are for USA Central Time.

This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase something after clicking on it. This helps cover the expense of running the site while keeping the content 100% free. Your support is appreciated!

This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase something after clicking on it. This helps cover the expense of running the site while keeping the content 100% free. Your support is appreciated!


At the end of 2020, we had Jupiter and Saturn move into the sign of Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn also had their grand conjunction, which only happens every 20 years, and sets the tone for the next 20 years.

The grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurred in your 8th house of shared finances and resources. Jupiter will be in this section of your chart for a year and usually brings expansion, enthusiasm, and luck to the area it is transiting. 

Saturn will be in this section of your chart until March 2023 and often brings hard work, restrictions, and delays to matters related to the area that it is transiting. As such, financial settlements, loans, inheritances, insurances, and taxation will be especially significant over the next couple of years. 

Unfortunately, it won’t all be smooth sailing. At various times this year, you will have to deal with sudden, unexpected, and unpredictable events (Uranus) upsetting your plans in these areas somewhat.

For you, these upsets are likely to be related to groups, friends, alliances, and your hopes and dreams. That may all sound a little daunting and overwhelming. However, this is more a helpful reminder to be aware that these areas may trip you up from time to time. 


The year starts with you networking with others, mingling in groups, and catching up with friends. You may be a little boisterous in this area of your life at this time and may come across as a bit aggressive at times. 

Your mind may be focused on matters to do with shared finances or resources. Still, your heart will be focused on your closest one-on-one relationships. The Full Moon near the end of the month signals an ending or completion of something related to your income, personal finances, or possessions. 

At the very end of the month, Mercury retrogrades in the area of your chart concerning shared finances and resources. The possibility of delays, mix-ups, and miscommunications in these areas of your life are stronger now. 


Over the next three weeks, you can expect delays and frustrations with insurance, taxation, loans, inheritances and joint finances or property. 

If you are looking to borrow money or resources from others at this time, you are likely to be successful. However, there may be delays or a need to redo paperwork related to these matters as Mercury is retrograde in this area of your chart.  

From the 18th of February onward, you are likely to be looking to expands your horizons in some fashion. This may be through travel, study, or exposing yourself to other cultures and beliefs. There is also the possibility of romance with someone from another country or culture.  

Near the end of the month, the Full Moon indicates the ending, high point, or completion of something associated with your siblings, transportation, communications, or local area. 


Early in the month, your energy levels may be lower than usual. You should take the time to rest up and recharge your batteries when you have the chance.  

From mid-month onward, your thinking and planning focus on higher education, overseas matters, foreigners, religion, philosophy, and other cultures. From the 20th, you are career-focused, and you may find that you attract more attention from others at this time. There is the possibility of a workplace romance during this time as well. 

The Full Moon near the end of the month may bring endings, culminations, or a high point concerning your family, your parents, in particular, your home or living situation, or real estate.  


As the month starts, you are thinking more about your career and are more eager to discuss your thoughts regarding these matters. From mid-month, romance might be found through friends or via a group or organization. 

In the last third of the month, you are interested in mixing with others and chasing your dreams. Networking events are likely to go well now. Catching up with friends or interacting in groups should also go smoothly now. 

In the final week of the month, you start focusing on your health and your personal style and image. Your energy levels are likely to experience a big boost at this time. You may want to make sure that you are not coming across too aggressively during this time, though.    

The Full Moon on the 26th indicates that there may be endings or completions regarding your children, romance, socializing, hobbies, or creativity. This could relate to a child reaching a significant milestone or you completing an artistic project, among other possibilities.  


Early in the month, you are eager to keep your thoughts to yourself. At this time, you prefer more interested in working behind the scenes. There is also the possibility of a secret love affair or wanting to keep your relationships more low-key. 

From the 13th until the end of July is a great time to focus on how you would like to expand your horizons. You may look into some form of higher education to help you achieve career goals or be interested in traveling or learning more about other cultures or beliefs. 

This is a pleasant and potentially lucky time for these activities. Still, if you don’t accomplish all that you want during this time, you will have another chance next year. 

Matters to do with overseas inheritances, loans, taxation, insurances, or shared finances may seem to stall or get bogged down in red tape from the last third of the month. From the end of the month and the first three weeks of June, you may have issues with hidden or secret matters. 

The Lunar Eclipse on the 26th may bring sudden changes or endings regarding your pets, work relationships, or your health. 


From early in the month, you are at your most charming and attractive. Others are drawn to you at this time. This would be a great time to update your wardrobe.  

The Solar Eclipse early in the month shines a light on your hidden and secret matters. This includes your mental health, addictions, or self-sabotaging habits. There may be sudden changes or something regarding these topics may come to light at this time. 

From the 11th, you will be focused on increasing your income, personal finances, and possessions. You may be more prone to disputes to do with these matters at this time, though. 

Your enthusiasm for travel, higher education, or other beliefs and cultures may seem to stall a little from the 20th. Plans you have made may need some revision but are likely to work out better for you in the long run. 

The Full Moon on the 24th focuses attention on endings or completions concerning your closest one-on-one relationships. This could be regarding a romantic or business partnership or a good friend. 


The start of the month may be a little tense for everyone. There may also be a few curveballs to deal with, sudden unexpected events cropping up. 

Relationships may be a little rocky at this time too. Making rash judgments is not the way to go at this time, as you may not know all of a situation’s facts. This is particularly true around the 6th. 

From the 11th, your attention is more likely to be focused on your health, vitality, or appearance. From the 21st you are a joy to be around and getting along with siblings and those you see on a regular basis well. From the 22nd you are strongly focused on your income, personal finances, and possessions.  

On the 23rd, the Full Moon is associated with other people’s money and shared finances and resources. The enthusiasm you had for these matters may seem to evaporate near this time but will return near the end of October. There is a possibility that any plans you have made will have to undergo some type of revamping first, though. 


From now up to mid-September is a great time to catch up on any correspondence or matters to do with transportation, communications, technology, siblings, or your local neighborhood. 

From mid-month, you may be interested in beautifying your home. This is also a harmonious time for catching up with family, and especially with parents. If you are dealing with real estate matters at this time, they should go well.  

On the 22nd, the Full Moon happens in the same area of your chart that it did last month. This gives extra emphasis concerning financial agreements, inheritances, taxation, insurances, and loans.   


A lot of your focus for September is likely to be on your family, home, or living situation. Communications with family members may increase, and you may spend more time thinking about these matters.  

From the 10th, you may be looking to have some fun and be more creatively inspired. This can be an idyllic time for romance. It is also a wonderful time to spend with children or working on a hobby or artistic project. 

In the second half of the month, you may be doing more work around the home. There is also the potential for disputes with family members or those that you live with. 

The Full Moon on the 20th focuses on your desire to travel, study, or learn more about other beliefs and cultures. There may be endings or culmination in these areas of your life at this time. 

At the end of the month, Mercury is retrograde again. This time it may cause delays, havoc, and confusion regarding real estate, your home, family, and your parents in particular.    


You may find that you hear from long lost family members in the first three weeks. From the 7th, you may find that your working relationships are more harmonious. You may also find that you are interested in incorporating more beauty and harmony into your daily routines. 

The Full Moon on the 20th falls in the area associated with your career and public reputation. There may be people you work with that are retiring or moving on. You may also be shifting jobs or retiring, or finishing up a work-related project.  

From the 22nd is an excellent time to seek out who and what brings you joy. This is a great time to explore your creative side or indulging in romance. If you have children, you may want to keep a closer eye on them from the end of the month, as they may be more accident-prone at this time.  


The first half of the month has a few tense moments. Your relationship with your partner, both business and romantic, should be quite harmonious at this time, though. A lot of your attention may be focused on your children, creativity, romance, socializing and fun activities.  

The Lunar Eclipse of the 19th falls in the area of groups, friends, organizations, and alliances. Your hopes and dreams are included in this area of your chart as well. Sudden changes or something hidden regarding these matters may be revealed close to this time. 

From the 21st, you will be more focused on your working relationships, pets, and your health. You will be thinking about these relationships and communicating with co-workers more during this time. 


There is a Solar Eclipse on the 4th in the area of your working relationships, health, daily routines, and pets. You may embark on a new beginning or have some information come to light regarding these matters. 

The second week sees you dreaming big, but you may need to watch that you have all the facts you need to be aware of. From the 13th, your attention is likely to be focused on your closest one-on-one relationships. This includes business as well as romantic partners.  

The Full Moon on the 18th is in the area of the chart that is about your self-undoing. This may include addictions, psychological issues, and self-limiting habits and beliefs. There may be endings or high points reached concerning these matters. 

From the 19th, Venus retrogrades in the area concerning your closest one-on-one relationships. This may also include close friends. Your approach to relationships and your values and ethics related to these matters may undergo some re-examination at this time. 

The end of the year sees matters related to expanding your horizons in some fashion getting a big boost. This may be through study, travel, or exposure to other beliefs and cultures. 

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