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Free Natal Chart

I offer a free natal chart for those that sign up for the Scullywag Astrology newsletter. This is a full-page color natal chart, which is suitable for beginners or more experienced enthusiasts alike (see an example of a free natal chart below).

A natal chart is a snapshot of the heavens at the time of your birth and as such can give some indication of the potentials of your lifespan. After you have received your natal chart, you may wish to consult this article that outlines the meaning of the planets in your natal (birth) chart.

It can take a few weeks for your free natal chart to be emailed to you, as this is not an automated service and I erect each natal chart myself. You can order your free natal chart by filling out the form below. Please make sure to confirm your email address after submitting, as I use a double-opt-in method, and I will not receive your details unless you confirm that you have signed up for the Scullywag Astrology newsletter.

For those wanting to discover their natal chart details immediately, you can use the natal chart generator to do so. 


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Born and bred in Brisbane, Australia, I have had a fascination with astrology since I was a child. I hold the STA’s Practitioners Level Certification in Horary and am currently studying Hellenistic Astrology.