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Mercury Conjunct Uranus Transit

Mercury conjunct Uranus transits tend to bring original and innovative approaches to problem-solving. Thinking and communications may speed up, and new ideas may seem to just pop up out of thin air. This is an excellent time for brainstorming and implementing out-of-the-box solutions.

For some, the increased mental pace may be a bit too much, resulting in overstimulation, anxiety, or edginess. The increased speed of thinking and reactions may also mean that due care and caution are not always exercised as they should be.

Mercury is related to communications, thinking, learning, and how you express yourself. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun (never more than 28° away from it) and is the fastest of the planets (not counting the Moon which is a luminary). Mercury can indicate travel in a local sense, as opposed to Jupiter in a larger sense (further afield).

Uranus is one of the modern planets, only having been discovered in 1781. Uranus is associated with the unusual, sudden, shocking and revolutionary. Uranus is unpredictable and is often associated with quick and shocking events.

Planets are conjunct when they are 0° apart (usually in the same sign). When looking at transits (as opposed to natal astrology) we usually allow an orb (allowance) of 1° so planets that are 0° to 1° degree apart are considered conjunct.

Conjunctions represent a blending of the energies of the planets involved. When the planets involved are complementary to each other, this is likely to work well. When the qualities of the planets involved are diametrically different from each other, then there is likely to be more tension involved.

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