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Natal Moon in Aries

Famous people with natal Moon in Aries

The list below certainly contains some feisty, fiery people. Passionate and inspired they like to be leaders in their field.

What people with natal Moon in Aries are like

Aries is ruled by Mars so people with Moon in Aries tend to be go-getters that are not afraid to get a little aggressive when their emotions are stirred. They are forthright and direct when it comes to their emotions but can sometimes have trouble taking the feelings of others into account.

When angered, they are quick to flare up and lash out, but this tends to be short-lived. Aries is a cardinal sign so they are interested in initiating and pioneering; not about sticking around for the aftermath. This may leave partners, friends and family frustrated when their volcanic eruptions have no follow-up addressing the causes of the outbursts.

Aries Moons are impulsive and tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves; what you see is what you get with them.  They are spontaneous and adventure-seeking and have a tendency to act first, think later. When they are happy, their joy is likely to be overflowing and all-encompassing; they want to share their joy with the world.

Emotional contentment is more likely to be achieved through exploring new adventures and experiences,  and by making direct progress in what is important to them. While this can make them very interesting and inspiring to be around, they can appear fickle to others.

This is a sign that is bold, brash and daring. They are unlikely to shrink from emotional challenges, and may, in fact, thrive on a bit of drama. This is an independent Moon sign that is not afraid to buck trends or walk alone if need be.


As a fire sign, Aries brings a passionate and intuitive energy to their emotions. They are quick to react emotionally and tend to trust their instincts. They tend to trust their heart over their head. Aries can be rather a competitive sign and if they get the feeling that they have been second-bested they can be rather demoralized.

There is likely to be a restlessness about these people. When bored, they are looking to move onto the next exciting adventure. Routine and drudgery are mood killers for them not just romantically but in general. Their impatience is legendary and they can exhibit some serious impulse control problems.

When it comes to nurturing others, they have your back, and expect you to have theirs; you’re either with them or against them, no two ways about it. There can be a fierceness to this Moon sign when it comes to protecting those that they love.


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