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Natal Moon in Cancer

Famous people with natal Moon in Cancer

Drew Barrymore an interesting inclusion on this list, born into and yet estranged from a famous acting family. Chrissy Teigen who seems to draw so much attention in relation to her mothering. I also added Theodore Roosevelt because of his association with teddy bears and his motto of “speak softly and carry a big stick” seems so Cancerian.

What people with natal Moon in Cancer are like

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so this is a sign where the Moon is home or in domicile; meaning that it is thought to exhibit the qualities of the Moon more than any other sign. As such, they tend to be strongly in touch with their emotional sides.

People with natal Moon in Cancer tend to be very nurturing and loving individuals that are prepared to go above and beyond the call for those that they care about. It is easy for them to tap into the emotional headspace of others and truly empathize or sympathize with them.

As a cardinal sign, they are eager to talk about and explore their emotions and those of others. They can be rather cautious about how they approach situations they are unfamiliar with though. This tendency to beat around the bush can frustrate others at times and sometimes lead to missed opportunities.

When hurt or upset they can be rather moody and may well withdraw into their shell from others rather than confronting them. They tend to nurse hurt feelings at times and may well enjoy their feelings of being hard done by sometimes.

As a water sign, there is a desire to explore the emotions but also a comfort with the deeper and more complex sides of human nature. They are sensitive, emotional and have an innate ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Unfortunately, not everybody shares this talent, and they can easily be upset when they feel that they are not understood by others.


This sign has a reputation for crying, and tears are bound to flow with the advent of strong emotions, both good and bad.  They find it very easy to tap into their emotions and this can lead to an overflow at times. They are also known for their wonderful sense of humor, and even when upset are often able to see the dark comedy of a situation.

While their instincts are often very good, their natural empathy for others makes them a sucker for a good sob story. Even when taken advantage of, they are unlikely to grow too jaundiced or cynical; but they will learn to be more reserved and distant in future with those that they are not close to.

There is a strong sense of family and respect for tradition with this sign. This is a sign of the homebody and they don’t need flashiness or adventure to be content. They are happiest when they and their loved ones are together and everything is right in their world.

Cancer has a reputation for clinginess, and like the crab, once they grab hold of something, they can be reluctant to let it go. This can also manifest as being unable or unwilling to let go of old hurts and perceived slights to them, or their loved ones. This can also result in them staying in relationships or situations that are not healthy for them.

Nurturing their loved ones comes naturally for most Cancer Moons. Making sure that their family and friends’ emotional and physical needs are met is important to them. When they or someone they love is threatened, they bring the claws out. They can have a tendency to fuss over others, and some people will feel a little claustrophobic from their attention.


Born and bred in Brisbane, Australia, I have had a fascination with astrology since I was a child. I hold the STA’s Practitioners Level Certification in Horary and am currently studying Hellenistic Astrology.