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Natal Moon in Gemini

Famous people with natal Moon in Gemini

Harry Houdini so embodies the spirit of the trickster Mercury with his escape artistry. Freud with his dream analysis and probing of the mind is also well suited here. Queen Victoria with her famous words about not being amused seems out-of-place and yet here is a monarch that had deep friendships with a Scottish manservant and later an Indian manservant who taught her the Urdu language.

What people with natal Moon in Gemini are like

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so those with Moon in Gemini tend to be rather fun-loving and need to have some sort of intellectual stimulation to be happy. Communication is important to them emotionally, and there is a tendency to intellectualize emotions.

As an air sign, there is a great emphasis on the mind, and they can come across as fickle, easily bored and may seem easily distracted. They tend to get more emotional about ideas and ideals, rather than direct emotions.  Breaking boundaries, taboo subjects, and curiosity for the sake of it interest them.

This is a mutable sign so there is adaptability and they are often able to roll with the punches emotionally. They can seem detached and uninterested in actually being in their emotions to others and may frustrate people with their tendency to intellectualize or over-think things.

They can spend time justifying or trying to understand why someone or something has upset them rather than allowing themselves to feel upset about it. This Moon sign can suffer from feeling that they are not understood.  Keeping busy in general, or pre-occupied intellectually are a good way to distract themselves from over-analyzing situations or people.

Gemini Moons are happiest when they are allowed to follow their whims, learn new things, and meet new people. They have a social butterfly aspect to them that draws others to them, but some people may find them hard to pin down when it comes to their feelings.

Boredom is a killer for these Moon signs and they can have a strong need for excitement. Their natural instinct to acquire knowledge and mix with people from all walks of life means that when they come across a problem they have a large source of information to draw from. They are not easily shocked and when they are surprised they are rather inclined to enjoy it.

Their instincts are usually good, although they may miss overtones or fail to see below the surface at times. There tends to be a large dose of charm with these Moon signs and they treat everyone with the same respect, regardless of station in life.

When it comes to nurturing others, they are all about communication and keeping things light and airy.  They may not be there to help you physically deal with a problem but they will be a cheerleader and support in other ways. They will remember what you told them and make sure to check back and see how you are dealing with your issues. A good laugh and a good talk are how they go about dealing with life.


Born and bred in Brisbane, Australia, I have had a fascination with astrology since I was a child. I hold the STA’s Practitioners Level Certification in Horary and am currently studying Hellenistic Astrology.