Astrological Relocation Report


Discover if a particular city is astrologically beneficial for you. The relocation chart is a horoscope cast for a different location to your place of birth. The report outlines what influences are likely to be experienced in a new environment, which can be very handy to know when planning a vacation, and especially so when considering relocating to a new locale.

The Relocation Report is approximately 7 pages.

An example of the report is below.

Date, time and place of birth is needed to generate an accurate report.

Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery to your email inbox.


Discover if a particular city is astrologically beneficial for you. A relocation chart is a horoscope cast for a different location to your place of birth. The report outlines what influences are likely to be experienced in a new environment, which can be very handy to know when planning a vacation, and especially so when considering relocating to a new locale.

The Relocation Report is approximately 7 pages.

An example of the report is below.

Date, time and place of birth is needed to generate an accurate report.

Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery to your email inbox.

Relocation Report



Relocated Locality
Highland, Illinois USA, 89w40 16 38n44 22

Natal Chart
Marie, 30 Mar 1967, 12:32:00 AM, AEST -10:00:00
Brisbane QLD, Australia, 153e02’00, 27s28’00


Welcome to your relocated chart report.

Your relocated chart is a horoscope cast for a different location to your place of birth. The zodiacal positions of the planets remain the same as in your natal chart, but their positions in the houses change.

In days past, most people tended to remain close to where they were born. This is not the case today; transcontinental and international travel is commonplace. The purpose of a relocated natal chart is to reveal the influences you are likely to experience in different locations. The interpretations in the report can show you what to expect from the new location. It is an invaluable tool for planning holiday or business trips and can be very useful when considering setting up home somewhere else.

As well as interpreting the planets in the houses, your relocation report also incorporates the Astro-Locality-Map (ALM) based on Astro*Carto*Graphy (R) (A*C*G) popularized by Jim Lewis, and Direction Lines based on the Local Space Astrology (R) (LS) method developed by Michael Erlewine.

The Astro-Locality-Map superimposes planetary data on to a map of the world and shows where each of the planets in a birth chart are actually crossing the meridian or horizon. The geographical locations of the planetary lines represent places where the individual can expect to experience the effects of the planet under observation.

Direction Lines are drawn through the birthplace in the direction of each of the planets. These lines extend around the entire Earth forming great circles. A planet’s quality, energy or power is experienced anywhere along the length of the line.

ALM and Direction lines running through or close to your relocated position will indicate how the place will affect you. For example, a Jupiter line will increase your sense of optimism and chances of success, whereas a Saturn line is more likely to be hard going and restrictive. In addition, Aspects and Midpoints can be used with planetary lines in order to fine-tune the interpretation.

Parans (Planetary Crossings) can also be considered. These represent a merging of two planetary energies at the degree of latitude the intersection occurs, which, of course, may correspond to your relocated place. Additionally, if a planetary Direction line crosses an ALM line a Destiny Crossing is said to occur.

Finally, it is important to take the Distance Orbs into account. The closer a planetary line is to the relocated place the more powerful it is likely to be.

Relocated Ascendant and Midheaven

Ascendant in Gemini
You become the effective communicator here. You are curious and interested in everything and everyone and enjoy sharing your discoveries. People find you entertaining and amusing, if perhaps a little flighty or lightweight – even if you’re not. Mobility and the freedom to come and go on a whim are important to you here. You should fare quite well in the relationship stakes, attracting outgoing and optimistic people who are eager to live life to the full.

Midheaven in Aquarius
You march to the beat of your own drum here. Freedom and independence are very important to you, especially in your career. You require an occupation that satisfies your desire for variety and mental stimulation. If boredom creeps into your work, it’s time to move on. At home, you are quite house-proud and have refined tastes in furnishings.

ACG and Local Space

Saturn Sextile Ascendant
Distance: 67 km (42 miles) Strong Influence
You present a sober and responsible face to the world here and other people know they can rely on you. You’re prepared to work hard and don’t mind putting up with short-term pains for long-term gains.

Saturn in 11th House
You feel a strong responsibility towards your friends here, which may border on the extreme. Your friends demand a lot of you and, in turn, you expect a lot of them. The obvious downside to this is that mutual expectations usually fall short. Learn to value one another for your individual qualities and try not to burden each other, because that is not what true friendship is about. Be loyal but independent.

Venus Square Midheaven at 90w51′
Distance: 102 km (63 miles) Strong Influence
Status in your career is important to you here, and vocational successes are likely in creative occupations, the beauty or fashion industries, or the public relations sectors. Be aware, there may be disharmony with others caused by family and vocational demands impinging upon one another.

Venus in 12th House
It is advisable to get to know how things work here before making your wishes known to others, as there is a danger you’ll walk into hidden traps or make social blunders. There may the attraction of ‘forbidden’ or secret romantic connection; however be aware that sexual indiscretion could result in scandal and embarrassment.

Saturn Square Direction Line
Distance: 200 km (124 miles) Orb 2 16′ of azimuth Strong Influence
This is probably not a good destination for you if you’re naturally introverted or somber because you’ll become more so. Other people restrict your activities or put obstructions in your way. You can learn a great deal about yourself and life in general here; however the going is tough and it doesn’t get any easier as time goes on.

Sun Sextile Ascendant
Distance: 218 km (135 miles) Strong Influence
At this location, you project an aura of confidence and self-assurance that announces to the world “I know who I am and what I’m worth”. You have a strong desire to become important or to gain the esteem of others. You have a knack for attracting the attention of important and even well known or famous people. Other people respond to the sheer warmth, vibrancy and power of your personality.

Sun in 11th House
Friends are very important to you here and depending on who they are and what they are like will help or hinder your progress in life. Joining groups or clubs can bring you into contact with prominent and well-connected people. You may have friends in high places.

Sun Sextile Midheaven at 93w41′
Distance: 347 km (215 miles) Moderate Influence
A positive attitude will assist you to achieve your personal objectives here. You will receive honors through hard work and endeavor. You have the ability to attain a measure of distinction and recognition in your career here and are capable of holding authoritative positions. Your family is most likely to support your career demands.

Moon Opposition Ascendant
Distance: 405 km (251 miles) Moderate Influence
Your emotional harmony is dependent upon the quality of your inter-personal relationships here. You feel a strong need to form personal unions, yet paradoxically, you may be fickle when it comes to commitment. Likewise, your partners may be just as fickle in their feelings towards you. You are responsive to the needs of others, but you can be taken advantage of here through being too soft and yielding.

Moon in 6th House
At this location, you are motivated by the urge to be of service and to care for the needs of others, which makes you especially suited to the healing or catering professions. You desire vocational security and are especially sensitive to any discord or instability within the work environment.

Pluto Square Ascendant
Distance: 470 km (292 miles) Moderate Influence
Others feel your power here. You are intense and dominating and, as a consequence, often find yourself embroiled in power struggles. In extreme cases, you can come across as dictatorial and, if you feel your authority is threatened, can resort to ruthless or oppressive behavior. Alternatively, other people – especially partners – can wield power over you.

Pluto in 5th House
Power games can feature strongly in your love life here. Emotional demands can be placed on you that you consider unreasonable, or you could make demands that are hard for others to live up to. You tend to waver between the extremes of intense passion and coolness in affairs of the heart.

Mercury Square Ascendant
Distance: 485 km (301 miles) Moderate Influence
You have an accentuated desire to communicate with others here. Intellectually, you are sharp-witted and alert to what’s happening around you. You express yourself clearly and intelligently. Negatively, you can have a tendency to be judgmental or overly critical of people whose views contradict your own. You may engage in gossip or rumor mongering.

Mercury in 10th House
Vocational matters are often at the forefront of your mind here. Your career can get a boost through careful planning and strategic thinking. Professional areas that can succeed here include business, academic work, writing, journalism, politics and the communication industries. You can develop your organizational skills, leadership capabilities and decision-making abilities.

Saturn Sextile Midheaven at 98w18′
Distance: 748 km (465 miles) Mild Influence
You are ambitious for professional success here and will work hard to achieve your goals. You have good self-discipline here and apply yourself diligently to your duties. You are a reliable and trustworthy worker, who is capable of holding important and responsible positions. Stability in your career contributes to a stable and secure home life and vice versa.

Jupiter Sextile Ascendant
Distance: 752 km (467 miles) Mild Influence
Without even really trying, you make a good impression on others here and gain their respect and favor. You have an outgoing and positive personality, which others find attractive and appealing. Broadminded and enthusiastic, you have an eagerness for knowledge and learning. You come into contact with people who can help you socially, financially and professionally.

Jupiter in 3rd House
Keep your mind open and unbiased and you will learn a great deal about yourself and those around you here. Communications between you and others are good and you find it easy to make yourself understood. This is an excellent place to study and broaden your intellectual horizons. You get on well with your neighbors and the people you come into contact with on a daily basis.

Neptune Opposition Ascendant
Distance: 890 km (553 miles) Mild Influence
You tend to have an idealistic attitude in relationships here and may expect too much of others or partners. Other people may let you down, deceive or disappoint you. Alcoholism or drug abuse may be a problem in your personal relationships. An ideal partner is someone who understands your need for soul union.

Neptune in 6th House
You may discover a special gift for looking after others here, and possibly animals too. In matters relating to health, you need to take greater care with intoxicants and medicines here, as your nervous system is more sensitive than usual. If you need to work, you prefer jobs that are creative or spiritually satisfying.

Uranus Trine Ascendant
Distance: 960 km (596 miles) Mild Influence
If variety is the spice of life as far as you are concerned, you’ll get plenty of it here. You display a magnetic personality and other people are attracted to your originality and ‘unique take’ on things. Your outlooks are modern and progressive and you are right up to speed with whatever’s happening in the world.

Uranus in 5th House
If the thought of quick and no-questions-asked romances tickle your fancy, this could be a place for you. Sudden attractions of short duration are on the menu; just don’t go looking for commitment and emotional intensity because you may get unpredictable reactions. If you’re in an established relationship, everything is in place here to spice it up.

Neptune Square Midheaven at 78w32′
Distance: 966 km (600 miles) Mild Influence
Situations develop here that make you feel uncertain and confused about where you’re going and what you’re aiming for in life. Professional recognition doesn’t come easily and your domestic situation is often tenuous and insecure here. You benefit from adopting a spiritual discipline or outlook.

Venus Direction Line
Distance: 4157 km (2583 miles) Orb 2 37′ of azimuth Mild Influence
You could quite easily fall in love with this place, or find the love of your life. You feel a heart connection with the environment and the people. You find it easy to socialize and interact with others. You may enjoy artistic or creative successes. Good things can happen.

Pluto Square Direction Line
Distance: 4158 km (2583 miles) Orb 2 46′ of azimuth Mild Influence
Life is not a picnic here; you often feel under pressure from others or even from forces within yourself. Power struggles are possible; especially if others try to push you around, or you try to push them around. The intensity you feel here is hard to sustain for long periods at a time.


Sun on the Midheaven crosses Jupiter on the Ascendant at 39n10′
Distance: 48 km (30 miles) Orb 0 26′ of latitude Strong Influence
You have an essentially positive and healthy outlook on life here. Generosity of spirit and a good sense of humor makes you popular and fun to be with. You can broaden your personal horizons through travel and intellectual activity. In general, this is a fortunate place for you and your needs will be met without too much hardship.

Mercury on the Imum Coeli crosses Moon on the Ascendant at 39n32′
Distance: 89 km (55 miles) Orb 0 48′ of latitude Strong Influence
You are mentally switched on here. You understand things quickly and instinctively. Your mind is fertile and hungry for knowledge. You may study or teach. You can also be inclined to change your views and opinions. Guard against engaging in gossip or rumor mongering.

Jupiter on the Imum Coeli crosses Venus on the Ascendant at 36n39′
Distance: 231 km (143 miles) Orb 2 05′ of latitude Mild Influence
Your love and relationship life should be happy and satisfying. You could meet a partner or deepen your feelings for an existing lover. Your social life is active and you are popular and well-liked by others. You feel good about yourself and life in general at this location. Artistic success is possible.

Destiny Crossings

Venus direction line crosses Neptune on the Descendant at 35n49′, 94w58′
Distance: 568 km (353 miles) Moderate Influence
At this location, you express good taste, refinement and artistic appreciation. You have a keen sense of beauty and artistic creativity. You are highly romantic here and dream of finding the perfect lover. You are seducible and prone to secret affairs here.

Venus direction line crosses Moon on the Descendant at 35n33′, 96w25′
Distance: 694 km (431 miles) Mild Influence
You feel attractive here and others are drawn to you because of it. Affairs of the heart are possible. Your social life is lively. You may enjoy artistic successes, especially in painting, photography, ceramics or music. You can make a beautiful home.

End of Report

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