Couple Love Report


Discover your astrological romance and love compatibility with your partner. .

This is a detailed analysis of the astrological compatibility between two people. The report looks at the placements of each other’s planets in one another’s natal houses, as well as the inter-aspects (synastry) between the two charts and the synastry midpoints between the couple.

The Couple Report is approximately 25 pages.

The report may take up to 24 hours to arrive in your email inbox.

You can see an example of the report below.


Discover your astrological romance and love compatibility with your partner.

This is a detailed analysis of the astrological compatibility between two people. The report looks at the placements of each other’s planets in one another’s natal houses, as well as the inter-aspects (synastry) between the two charts and the synastry midpoints between the couple.

The Couple Report is approximately 25 pages.

The report may take up to 24 hours to arrive in your email inbox.

You can see an example of the report below.

Natal Chart for Marie and Chris and bi-wheel of their charts to compare 
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A natal wheel for each person and a biwheel to compare the two astrological charts

Synastry Report


Marie and Chris



Welcome to your astrology compatibility report.

This report is based on the astrology technique of Synastry, which compares the horoscopes of two people and interprets the correlations between them.

The first part of the report analyses the mix of Qualities and Elements between you to give a general indication of your modes of behaviour.

The second part looks at the placements of each other’s planets in one another’s natal houses. This indicates how you influence each other in the areas of life represented by the houses occupied by one another’s planets.

The third part interprets the inter-aspects between your two charts. This shows how you relate to each other. Some of these interpretations are positive and easy and others are challenging.

Your Synastry report reveals your areas of harmony and compatibility as well as your areas of tension and conflict. Hold in mind that human relationships are complex and contradictions can occur in the interpretation.

Marie’s Birth Data

Marie            27s28’00              

Natal Chart      Geocentric           

30 Mar 1967      Tropical              

12:32:00 AM      Classical Sun Rise/Set

 AEST -10:00:00   Placidus               

 Brisbane QLD     True Node             

Australia        Mother’s Mem A        

153e02’00        PF Day or Night Formula


Marie’s Planet Positions

Sun 8° 12′ 32″ Aries

Moon 26° 38′ 58″ Scorpio

Mercury 10° 30′ 36″ Pisces

Venus 11° 07′ 03″ Taurus

Mars 00° 26′ 40″ Scorpio Retrograde

Jupiter 24° 31′ 57″ Cancer

Saturn 03° 10′ 47″ Aries

Uranus 21° 42′ 07″ Virgo Retrograde

Neptune 24° 04′ 09″ Scorpio Retrograde

Pluto 18° 50′ 19″ Virgo Retrograde

Ascendant 26° 42′ 26″ Capricorn

Midheaven 18° 47′ 37″ Libra


Marie’s House Cusps

01  26° 42′ 26″ Capricorn

02  20° 10′ 49″ Aquarius

03  17° 11′ 31″ Pisces

04  18° 47′ 37″ Aries

05  23° 05′ 01″ Taurus

06  26° 19′ 56″ Gemini

07  26° 42′ 26″ Cancer

08  20° 10′ 49″ Leo

09  17° 11′ 31″ Virgo

10  18° 47′ 37″ Libra

11  23° 05′ 01″ Scorpio

12  26° 19′ 56″ Sagittarius


Chris’s Birth Data

Chris           38n44’22               

 Natal Chart     Geocentric             

 21 Oct 1961     Tropical               

 1:28:00 PM      Classical Sun Rise/Set 

 CDT +05:00:00   Placidus               

 Highland        True Node              

 Illinois USA    Birth Cert AA          

 89w40’16        PF Day or Night Formula


Chris’s Planet Positions

Sun 28° 07′ 14″ Libra

Moon 29° 18′ 50″ Pisces

Mercury 00° 25′ 08″ Scorpio Retrograde

Venus 04° 30′ 48″ Libra

Mars 13° 40′ 00″ Scorpio

Jupiter 28° 34′ 52″ Capricorn

Saturn 23° 42′ 36″ Capricorn

Uranus 29° 36′ 57″ Leo

Neptune 10° 33′ 59″ Scorpio

Pluto 09° 27′ 06″ Virgo

Ascendant 16° 33′ 45″ Capricorn

Midheaven 09° 41′ 21″ Scorpio


Chris’s House Cusps

01  16° 33′ 45″ Capricorn

02  28° 36′ 54″ Aquarius

03  08° 58′ 03″ Aries

04  09° 41′ 21″ Taurus

05  03° 23′ 13″ Gemini

06  24° 18′ 19″ Gemini

07  16° 33′ 45″ Cancer

08  28° 36′ 54″ Leo

09  08° 58′ 03″ Libra

10  09 °41′ 21″ Scorpio

11  03° 23′ 13″ Sagittarius

12  24° 18′ 19″ Sagittarius


Qualities and Elements

Marie’s strongest Quality is Cardinal and Chris’s strongest Quality is Cardinal

Relationships between Cardinal personalities are dynamic and action orientated. Both of you have your own ideas about what can and needs to be done. As a pair, you can achieve a lot together; however, there will be struggles for dominance in the relationship. In this pairing, we have the modern-day ‘power couple’.

Marie’s strongest Element is Water and Chris’s strongest Element is Water

Relationships between two Water personalities are the most emotional of all the elemental combinations. You understand one another deeply and are spiritually connected. You share similar dreams, long for romance and see life as a universal whole. Problems can arise through over-sensitivity and insufficient concern for the practical things in life.

Marie’s Houses

Chris’s Planets in your Houses

His Sun is in your 10th House

You have a great ally in Chris. He knows what you want to achieve in life and is at the ready to lend you a willing hand. He may help you in your career, put you in touch with important and influential people or simply be there when you need him.

His Moon is in your 3rd House

He has a way of getting you to open up and talk about your feelings. He senses when you have something on your mind, and knows how to draw you out of yourself. You may spend a lot of time talking about domestic and family matters, though you probably don’t spend a lot of time at home. You may move around a lot together taking short trips here and there.

His Mercury is in your 10th House

He seems to know what you want to achieve in life – personally and professionally – and is more than willing to help you in whatever way he can. He may offer you career advice or even put you in touch with important and influential people.

His Venus is in your 9th House

Knowing Chris can feel like a spiritual experience for you and he can influence you profoundly. You both enjoy study, philosophy and higher knowledge. Overseas trips can be a highlight in your relationship and you will love exploring different cultures and countries together.

His Mars is in your 10th House

He is very status conscious and ambitious for you to make your way in the world. He will do whatever it takes to help you succeed. He also knows that when you make it he makes it too. Some degree of self-interest on his part may be involved here.

His Jupiter is in your 1st House

You are lucky to have Chris in your life because he lifts you out of your world and shows you what is possible when you extend yourself and take chances. Rest assured, he has your best interests at heart and won’t lead you into situations that you can’t handle.

His Saturn is in your 12th House

Chris senses what ails or limits you. He has a knack for recognizing your fears and providing practical ways of dealing with them. Less positively, he could be inclined to undermine your confidence and make you sad or anxious.

His Uranus is in your 8th House

It is probably not a smart move to enter into business or joint financial arrangements with Chris because anything can happen – and it might not be to your liking. There is the possibility of sudden losses and unexpected setbacks. Sudden actions by him can trigger states of anxiety in you.

His Neptune is in your 10th House

Chris has the ability to make you question your path in life and wonder just how real or meaningful it actually is. He can open you up to other realities and encourage you to imagine endless possibilities. However, if you are the sort of person who needs certainty and security you might find life with him uncertain and unstable.

His Pluto is in your 8th House

He may get you thinking about subjects such as reincarnation and life after death. On a more mundane level, you probably should avoid entering into business or financial arrangements together because there is a danger of unlawful activity by one or both of you.

His Ascendant is in your 12th House

If there is anyone who can get you to recognize and face your fears and inhibitions it is Chris. He seems to know how to make you feel safe.

His Midheaven is in your 10th House

You are able to help one another become established in the world and to gain recognition in your chosen fields. You tend to want the same things and know how to get them.

Chris’s Houses

Marie’s Planets in your Houses

Her Sun is in your 2nd House

Monetary matters are important between you. Your economic status and attitudes towards money change through knowing Marie. You may become involved in joint financial ventures. She can influence how and where you spend your cash. Bursts of extravagance may be expected in this relationship from time to time.

Her Moon is in your 10th House

Your life headed off in a new direction when you met Marie. She has an instinct for what you are capable of achieving and is willing to support you in your career and personal goals. Through her, you may lift your public profile and become quite well-known in your work.

Her Mercury is in your 2nd House

You and Marie talk a lot about financial and business matters. No doubt, she has many ideas on how you can spend or invest your money; just make sure that you are confident she knows what she’s talking about. If you do trust her abilities she can help you make financial decisions.

Her Venus is in your 4th House

Intimate candlelight dinners at home can be a real pleasure for you both. You enjoy being at home and are at your happiest when you’re involved in beautifying or improving the value of your property. Building a nest together is important to you.

Her Mars is in your 9th House

This is an ideal combination for people who have similar philosophical outlooks and spiritual values. You can get behind one another and become crusaders for a cause or ideal. However, it is also possible that your outlooks on life are in conflict with Marie’s, which leads to arguments and the tendency to attack each other’s beliefs. Travelling long-distance together tends to be tense.

Her Jupiter is in your 7th House

It doesn’t get much better than this. She could very easily be the one you are meant to be with. All things considered, you get along extremely well together and have much that you can teach each other. You may work in business together or lead a public life.

Her Saturn is in your 2nd House

Money can be a problem in your relationship with Marie. She may want to control your spending or conversely cause you financial difficulties through bad decisions or advice. Even though she may have your best interests at heart, she is possibly not the first person you should choose to manage your finances.

Her Uranus is in your 8th House

It is probably not a smart move to enter into business or joint financial arrangements with Marie because anything can happen – and it might not be to your liking. There is the possibility of sudden losses and unexpected setbacks. Sudden actions by her can trigger states of anxiety in you.

Her Neptune is in your 10th House

Marie has the ability to make you question your path in life and wonder just how real or meaningful it actually is. She can open you up to other realities and encourage you to imagine endless possibilities. However, if you are the sort of person who needs certainty and security you might find life with her uncertain and unstable.

Her Pluto is in your 8th House

She may get you thinking about subjects such as reincarnation and life after death. On a more mundane level, you probably should avoid entering into business or financial arrangements together because there is a danger of unlawful activity by one or both of you.

Her Ascendant is in your 1st House

You understand each other very well. She knows where you are coming from because she has similar personality traits and motivations as you. In some ways, it’s like looking in the mirror.

Her Midheaven is in your 9th House

Marie’s reputation among her peers may be strengthened or weakened by your philosophical or spiritual beliefs and educational achievements. With mutual respect, you can teach one another a great deal about life.



Marie’s Sun is Opposition Chris’s Venus 3°42′ A

This can be a challenging relationship dynamic. You are physically attracted to one another; however, this may be where the connection between you begins and ends. It is probable that you like what you see in each other, but relationships based on external appearances alone don’t tend to last long. In order to allow any contact between you to grow beyond the physical, you need to find each other’s inner qualities and beauty.

Marie’s Moon is Trine Chris’s Moon 2°40′ S

Emotionally, you are in harmony with each other. You are in tune with one another’s emotional needs and are very comfortable expressing your feelings to each other. Occasionally, you are able to sense each other’s thoughts and feelings.

Marie’s Moon is Sextile Chris’s Jupiter 1°56′ A

You are open and honest in your feelings for one another and enjoy emotional harmony. You have an instinct for each other’s emotional needs and a strong desire to make one another as happy as possible. You have the ability to advance socially together and to prosper financially and materially. Travelling together should be easy and enjoyable.

Marie’s Moon is Sextile Chris’s Saturn 2°56′ S

All Moon/Saturn aspects in a relationship are testing; however, this one is slightly easier than others. The difficulties you are likely to encounter involve a sense of duty overriding the needs of the heart. You may spend periods apart, due to work demands or other such responsibilities. You tend to feel secure with each other; however, there can be a lack of emotional empathy on a consistent basis.

Marie’s Moon is Square Chris’s Uranus 2°58′ A

One – or both – of you knew from your first contact that something would develop between you. Intuition plays a strong part in your relationship. You hold a fascination for one another and delight in being unpredictable with each other. Your living arrangements are likely to be unconventional and you enjoy keeping others guessing about the nature of your relationship. Both of you value personal freedom and you know when to give each other time out or breathing space.

Marie’s Mercury is Trine Chris’s Mars 3°09′ A

When you decide to do something together you go ahead and make it happen; you are people of your word, who walk your talk. Communications between you are lively and stimulating. You certainly don’t agree on everything, but you have the courage to speak your mind to one another. You present a united front to other people and others know where they stand with you.

Marie’s Mercury is Trine Chris’s Neptune 0°03′ A

You are receptive to each other’s ideas and outlooks on life. Spiritual matters interest you both and you may study metaphysical subjects together. You are able to tune into each other’s thought patterns. An undeniable intuitive and telepathic understanding exists between you.

Marie’s Mercury is Opposition Chris’s Pluto 1°03′ S

The face you show the world and the one you know privately are quite different. Other people see you as a power couple who hold strong convictions and communicate your ideas forcefully. Behind closed doors, however, one of you is inclined to dominate or manipulate the thinking of the other. There are control issues to contend with in this relationship.

Marie’s Mercury is Trine Chris’s Midheaven 0°49′ A

You know that you can talk to each other on just about any subject, including what’s going on in your professional or family lives. You tend to agree on most things that affect your work and domestic life.

Marie’s Venus is Opposition Chris’s Mars 2°33′ A

This is an important aspect in love and marriage relationships because it is all about your sex-life together. Your initial passion for each other is undeniable; however, it is likely that it will cool down over time. You need to keep each other interested in one another; otherwise, there is the risk of betrayal.

Marie’s Venus is Opposition Chris’s Neptune 0°33′ S

The warning bells are ringing and you would do well to heed them; this planetary combination is double-sided. On one side, you both may feel that this might be the great romance; that you have found “the one”. However, this is offset by the knowledge that no-one is, or can be, perfect. There is the danger of abandoning all reason and falling for one another hook, line and sinker. Eventually, reality bites and you wonder what went wrong. Keep it real and try not to deceive yourselves or anyone else in the process.

Marie’s Venus is Trine Chris’s Pluto 1°40′ S

Your attraction to one another is undeniable, if perhaps a little obsessive. You feel that you are meant for each other and no one else. You are prepared to make a total commitment to each other and once committed it will take a lot to pull you apart. However, difficulties can arise from jealousy or possessiveness.

Marie’s Venus is Opposition Chris’s Midheaven 1°26′ A

The connection between you is deep and loving. You feel that you really know each other intimately and that you belong together. You have similar personal and family interests. Your home is likely to be lovely, harmonious and pleasant to be in.

Chris’s Sun is Conjunct Marie’s Mars 2°19′ A

This is a powerful planetary combination in any relationship, be it a personal or professional one. Together, you are seen as two people who can get things done. When you combine your energies you are a force to be reckoned with. You demonstrate drive, ambition, and enthusiasm. You encourage each other and other people and spur others on to better things. To outsiders, you are seen as courageous and people of your word – and you are. However, your personal dynamic with each other is often stressed and tense, with frequent arguments and ego clashes. There is a need to control your tempers and aggressive attitudes. You tend to compete against one another.

Chris’s Mercury is Conjunct Marie’s Mars 0°02′ S

There’s no shortage of fireworks in your relationship; you spark off one another and constantly wind each other up. Quarrels and arguments are as regular as clockwork. Expect problems from impatience or criticism and guard against verbal aggression and sarcasm. There can be a tendency to jump to conclusions and to act before thinking about the consequences.

Marie’s Mars is Square Chris’s Jupiter 1°52′ A

You are both determined to live your lives to the full and will do what it takes to achieve your personal and combined ambitions. When working together on a project, you push and encourage one another and fire each other with enthusiasm. However, there can be difficulties between you caused by differences in outlook or disagreements on how to do things. Conflicts over money or expenditure are also possible.

Marie’s Mars is Sextile Chris’s Uranus 0°50′ A

You encourage one another to be adventurous and to try new things in life. You both need your freedom and willingly give each other the space to do your own thing from time to time.

Chris’s Sun is Square Marie’s Jupiter 3°35′ S

Even though this is a challenging aspect, its influence on a relationship is fundamentally positive and beneficial. As a couple, you can advance socially and materially. Negatively, there may be some problems with wastefulness and extravagance on the part of one partner. Philosophical or religious differences are also likely.

Chris’s Moon is Trine Marie’s Jupiter 4°47′ S

You are open and honest in your feelings for one another and enjoy emotional harmony. You have an instinct for each other’s emotional needs and a strong desire to make one another as happy as possible. You have the ability to advance socially together and to prosper financially and materially. Travelling together should be easy and enjoyable.

Marie’s Jupiter is Opposition Chris’s Jupiter 4°03′ S

This can be a challenging aspect, as you will both need to put the effort into gaining each other’s support and trust. Difficulties can arise through intolerance and a lack of respect for one another’s philosophical, religious or spiritual leanings. Extravagance and materialistic tendencies can also put a strain on the relationship. In general, you may not necessarily agree on everything, but you can smooth over differences of opinion through honesty and open-mindedness.

Marie’s Jupiter is Opposition Chris’s Saturn 0°49′ A

This can be a problem area in your relationship. You have quite different philosophical outlooks and attitudes about money. One of you tends to be financially conservative, while the other can be quite the spendthrift. This leads to arguments and mutual feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction. Travelling together is not without its ups and downs.

Chris’s Moon is Conjunct Marie’s Saturn 3°52′ A

First instincts should always be heeded and in the case of two people sharing a Moon/Saturn contact, those first impressions are right. There are problems within this dynamic; particularly emotional dissatisfaction. You have difficulty expressing your feelings to each other. One of you is emotional and the other is cool and restrained – and even controlling. The emotional one feels unable to get close to the other and may even become fearful and inhibited, whereas the saturnine partner considers the former to be too emotional and insecure. This can lead to distance between you and eventual separation. Neither of you may really feel that your personal needs are being met.

Chris’s Venus is Opposition Marie’s Saturn 1°20′ S

This is one of the most difficult relationship combinations. It is very hard for you to be intimate with each other and to feel completely satisfied emotionally or sexually. There are control issues to contend with, due to one of you deliberately attempting to rule over the other. This can lead to feelings of intense frustration or victimization on the part of the dominated partner. With personal sacrifices, it is possible to maintain this relationship, but you have to ask yourselves if the personal costs are worth it. Separation is the usual outcome.

Chris’s Jupiter is Sextile Marie’s Saturn 4°36′ S

This is a desirable aspect to have in a relationship because it enables you to grow and prosper in a prudent and measured way. Both of you are sensible with money and realistic about what you can and cannot afford.

Chris’s Saturn is Trine Marie’s Uranus 2°00′ S

You both recognise that change and spontaneity within a relationship have long term benefits. There isn’t much likelihood that you’ll allow one another to become stuck in your ways.

Chris’s Jupiter is Sextile Marie’s Neptune 4z31′ S

You are sensitive and compassionate towards one another and other people. Spiritual subjects interest you both greatly and you are receptive to one another’s beliefs and spiritual practices. You understand and appreciate each other at an inner level.

Chris’s Saturn is Sextile Marie’s Neptune 0z22′ A

This aspect can be an asset in a relationship; in that, it enables you both to keep things in perspective. You follow your dreams, yet don’t get carried away with them; you know what is realistically possible.

Chris’s Saturn is Trine Marie’s Pluto 4°52′ S

This combination forces each of you to confront your individual fears and inhibitions. The test, however, is not to be judgemental of each other. Be truthful with one another, but also fair and understanding; then there will be real growth between you.

Marie’s Pluto is Trine Chris’s Ascendant 2°17′ A

You channel tremendous amounts of energy into whatever you do together and have the ability to empower and transform one another. Other people are attracted to your combined magnetism; you have the ability to influence others with gentle but firm persuasion.

Chris’s Sun is Square Marie’s Ascendant 1°25′ A

A dynamic aspect between the Sun and the Ascendant is significant. It indicates that you are drawn to each other and feel energised and enterprising when together. It is possible that you felt a ‘connection’ right from the first time you laid eyes on each other. Tensions can arise through battles of will and of ego.

Chris’s Moon is Sextile Marie’s Ascendant 2°36′ A

You relate well to one another emotionally and have the ability to sense each other’s needs. You interact with one another effortlessly and find it easy to adapt when necessary. There is genuine empathy, tenderness, and affection between you.

Chris’s Mercury is Square Marie’s Ascendant 3°43′ A

Mental stimulation and the ability to talk about anything and everything are what you two are about. You are both interested in what’s happening in your lives and the lives of others. You can be inclined to gossip about others and even spread rumours.

Chris’s Jupiter is Conjunct Marie’s Ascendant 1°52′ A

You bring one another good luck and good fortune. There is harmony between you and the realization that you are exceedingly fortunate to have each other. You share similar philosophical outlooks and know how to enjoy yourselves. You both desire to advance in life and consequently create the means between you to elevate your social and material position in the world.

Chris’s Saturn is Conjunct Marie’s Ascendant 3°00′ S

The main challenge in this combination comes from control within or outside of your relationship. One of you tends to dictate how things are to be; which, over time, becomes too much for the other to bear. Also, there could be interference from other people. This, understandably, causes frustrations and can lead to thoughts of separation or a final parting of the ways.

Chris’s Saturn is Square Marie’s Midheaven 4°55′ A

Anticipate some problems balancing work commitments with those of family life. Whilst you both want to do your bit and share the responsibilities associated with home and career, it is often difficult to achieve the ideal balance.

Chris’s Ascendant is Square Marie’s Midheaven 2°14′ S

The connection between you is very significant and personal; however, your individual and relationship aspirations are quite different and, at times, at cross-purposes with one another. You sometimes clash over family and domestic matters.



Marie’s Sun = Chris’s Mars/Uranus – 1°34′ S  Opposition

Defiance, impatience, and intolerance within the union. A predisposition to injuries and accidents.

Marie’s Sun = Chris’s Moon/Ascendant – 0°16′ A  SemiSquare

A personal connection. Sensitivity to environmental influences. The presence of influential women. Acknowledging the importance of family relations.

Marie’s Sun = Chris’s Pluto/Midheaven + 1°22′ S  Opposition

The motivation to succeed and to gain prestige and recognition in life. Compulsive and manipulative behaviour.

Marie’s Sun = Chris’s Neptune/Pluto + 1°48′ A  Opposition

Psychic awareness and perception. Metaphysical interests. Addictive tendencies. Stimulants and intoxicants. Health issues.

Marie’s Moon = Chris’s Neptune/Pluto – 1°38′ S  SemiSquare

Intense idealism. Profound realizations. Metaphysical and spiritual interests. Psychic activity. The tendency to become overwhelmed by extreme emotional states; feeling vulnerable or exposed. Addictive patterns and dependencies which are difficult to control or break.

Marie’s Moon = Chris’s Venus/Ascendant – 1°07′ A  Conjunct

A loving atmosphere. Happily supporting each other. Intimacy and closeness between partners. Appreciating one another.

Marie’s Moon = Chris’s Mars/Pluto – 0°05′ S  SemiSquare

Extreme feelings and reactions. Emotional manipulation. Subjection to emotional pressure. Subversive elements or dramas in the family.

Marie’s Mercury = Chris’s Venus/Mars – 1°25′ A  Sesquiquadrate

Emotionally expressive communications. Speaking directly from the heart. Intimate dialogues; thinking and talking about love and sex. Discussing relationship issues. Romantic and sexual partnership. Procreative activity.

Marie’s Mercury = Chris’s Sun/Saturn + 0°24′ A  Square

The tendency to view life seriously and realistically. A slow accomplishment of mutual goals. Perseverance. Skepticism. A negative outlook. Sober realizations. Mental and communication blocks.

Marie’s Mercury = Chris’s Jupiter/Saturn + 0°38′ A  SemiSquare

Recognizing when change is imminent and timely. Knowing when to expand and when to consolidate. Acquiring knowledge and practical experience in life. Changeable financial and business circumstances. Knowing when to withdraw.

Marie’s Venus = Chris’s Neptune/Midheaven – 0°59′ A  Opposition

Idealistic aspirations in love. Infatuations. Desiring inner attachment and spiritual unity. Devotion and empathy. Highs and lows in relationship life. A risk of being blinded by love; disappointments. Unfulfilled romantic expectations and sexual desires. Distrust and deception.

Marie’s Venus = Chris’s Saturn/Uranus + 0°33′ A  Opposition

Feeling uptight and anxious. Difficulty expressing affection easily or spontaneously. Inner conflict and dissatisfaction in love and romance. Sexual restraint; states of friction and emotional disharmony. Contending with unexpected relationship issues. Sudden or dramatic separations in love.

Marie’s Venus = Chris’s Mars/Midheaven + 0°34′ S  Opposition

A passionate union. Actively pursuing intimate desires. Flirtatiousness. A relationship based on the power of love or sex. The inclination to seek immediate satisfaction or gratification.

Marie’s Venus = Chris’s Mars/Neptune + 1°00′ A  Opposition

Infatuations; secretive behavior. A risk of losing control – and giving way to temptation. Difficulty maintaining intimate and sexual relationships. Disappointment in love and partnerships. Addictive tendencies; vices and dependencies.

Marie’s Venus = Chris’s Pluto/Ascendant + 1°53′ S  Opposition

A charismatic and magnetic union. A dynamic and intense partnership. Commitment. Fixating upon the heart’s desire. Obsessions and compulsions. Demanding and uncompromising in love and sexual affairs.

Marie’s Mars = Chris’s Neptune/Ascendant – 1°53′ A  SemiSquare

Distrust. Contending with undermining currents and deceptive people. Vulnerability and defencelessness. Struggling to fend-off negative environmental influences. Underhanded activity. Hidden agendas.

Marie’s Mars = Chris’s Sun/Mercury – 1°10′ A  Conjunct

Planning and pursuing clear objectives. Tactical skill in competitive situations – thriving on a challenge. Jumping to conclusions. Recognizing danger and knowing how and when to act. Verbally aggressive and argumentative.

Marie’s Mars = Chris’s Moon/Uranus – 0°59′ A  Sesquiquadrate

Emotionally excitable and spontaneous. Impulsive and erratic behavior. Irritability and agitation. Highly responsive and reactive. Unsettling experiences. Conflict within the family.

Marie’s Mars = Chris’s Mercury/Jupiter – 0°57′ S  SemiSquare

Clear and direct communication. Making intentions clear. Acting on good ideas. Achieving desired results. Constructive plans and initiatives. Productive and fruitful activity. Resourcefulness. Successful business ventures.

Marie’s Mars = Chris’s Saturn/Midheaven + 1°15′ S  SemiSquare

Confronting and tackling life’s challenges. Difficulty achieving ambitions. The necessity to put in that extra bit of effort to succeed. Demonstrating persistence. Contending with doubt and defeatist attitudes. Conflict within the family. Separative trends and influences.

Marie’s Jupiter = Chris’s Mercury/Ascendant – 1°03′ A  Sesquiquadrate

Successfully getting ideas and opinions across. Broadminded outlooks. Stimulating social, intellectual and business contacts. Profitable unions.

Marie’s Jupiter = Chris’s Venus/Mars – 0°27′ A  Square

Sensuality. A pronounced desire for pleasure and enjoyment. Satisfying the desires and passions. States of anticipation and expectation in love and relationships. Flirtation. Sexual magnetism and compatibility between partners. Contentment with a lover.

Marie’s Jupiter = Chris’s Sun/Saturn + 1°23′ S  Sesquiquadrate

Accepting circumstantial limitations and compromises. The ability to persist when faced with challenges. Cautiousness. Aspiring stable and secure material conditions. Thrift.

Marie’s Saturn = Chris’s Moon/Venus – 1°16′ A  Square

Emotional and sexual restraint. Understated displays of affection. Difficulty attaining emotional closeness and intimacy. A serious approach to partnerships and parenting.

Marie’s Saturn = Chris’s Sun/Pluto + 0°36′ S  Opposition

Persisting against the odds. Serious points of contention. Exposure to oppression. Power struggles. Thwarted plans and intentions. Buckling under pressure. Confinement. Enforced concessions and separations.

Marie’s Saturn = Chris’s Jupiter/Pluto + 0°50′ A  Sesquiquadrate

Contending with obstacles and setbacks; restrictive influences. Thwarted plans. Potential power struggles. Suffering the consequences of greed.

Marie’s Saturn = Chris’s Uranus/Midheaven + 1°28′ S  Opposition

Knowing when to stand firm – and when to back down. Conflicts through selfishness and insensitivity. Sudden and timely departures. Decisive separations.

Marie’s Uranus = Chris’s Mercury/Midheaven – 1°39′ A  SemiSquare

Developing a unique ‘take’ on life; an individual perspective. Original thoughts and ideas. Anticipating future trends. Sudden shifts in direction. Tension and stress within work and domestic life.

Marie’s Uranus = Chris’s Mercury/Neptune – 1°13′ S  SemiSquare

Intuitive flashes. Spiritual and metaphysical interests. Transcendentalism. Psychic activity. Sudden states of disorientation. Irrational thinking and confused behavior. Escapist tendencies.

Marie’s Uranus = Chris’s Sun/Mars – 0°49′ A  SemiSquare

Sudden displays of will and determination. Pro-active and reactive tendencies. Stress-related tension. Accident proneness.

Marie’s Uranus = Chris’s Mars/Jupiter – 0°35′ A  Square

An intuitive sense of timing. An entrepreneurial spirit. Taking calculated risks. High motivation. Decisive action. Ambitious initiatives.

Marie’s Uranus = Chris’s Venus/Pluto + 0°17′ S  Conjunct

Sudden and obsessive desires. Falling deeply and utterly in love. Experimentation in love and sex. Dramas and turmoil within the partnership. Being transformed by the power of love.

Marie’s Uranus = Chris’s Mercury/Mars + 0°20′ A  SemiSquare

Badinage. Having a ready answer, especially when ‘put on the spot’. Rapid reply and retaliation. The courage to speak out. Assessing situations swiftly. Accident and injury proneness.

Marie’s Neptune = Chris’s Moon/Ascendant – 1°08′ A  Square

Having inexplicable misgivings about some people – and situations. Feelings of distrust. Susceptible to environmental influences. Cravings and addictions. Instability and deception within the partnership.

Marie’s Neptune = Chris’s Pluto/Midheaven + 0°30′ S  SemiSquare

Profound spiritual aspirations. Passionately delving into metaphysical realms. Psychic activity. Deeply inspired or ‘moved’. The potential for ‘falling prey’ to illusion and deception. Addiction and compulsion.

Marie’s Neptune = Chris’s Venus/Ascendant + 1°28′ S  Conjunct

Emotional and sexual infatuations. Seducing and being seduced. Potential distrust and disillusionment within the partnership. Cravings and addictions.

Marie’s Pluto = Chris’s Mars/Saturn – 0°09′ A  Square

Defiance; refusing to back down or give in under pressure. The activation of survival instincts. An awareness of destructive forces. Harmful elements.

Marie’s Pluto = Chris’s Sun/Midheaven + 0°04′ S  SemiSquare

Significant turning points. Critical adjustments. Domination issues. A dislike of compromise. Compulsive behavior; fixations and obsessions.

Marie’s Pluto = Chris’s Jupiter/Midheaven + 0°18′ S  Square

Successfully procuring positions of power and authority. Recognizing long-term trends and (financial) cycles. Significant investments. Financial power. Aspiring social status – or elevation.

Marie’s Pluto = Chris’s Sun/Neptune + 0°30′ S  SemiSquare

A fascination with spiritual and metaphysical matters. Obsessions and infatuations. Intense emotional experiences. A risk of losing touch with reality. Addictive and compulsive tendencies. Health issues.

Marie’s Pluto = Chris’s Jupiter/Neptune + 0°44′ S  Square

Unquestioning faith and belief. Commitment and devotion to specific causes and ideals. Confirmed believers. Great expectations and assumptions. High rollers; gambling and speculation. A risk of losses; being blinded by ‘greed and power’.

Marie’s Pluto = Chris’s Mercury/Midheaven + 1°13′ S  SemiSquare

Uncompromising stands. The tendency to become mentally obsessed or fixated.

Marie’s Ascendant = Chris’s Sun/Saturn – 0°48′ S  SemiSquare

Difficulty relating and interacting. Defeatist attitudes. Control issues. Separative influences.

Marie’s Ascendant = Chris’s Jupiter/Saturn – 0°34′ S  Conjunct

Guarded optimism. Learning from experience; undergoing good times and tough times. Fluctuating financial circumstances. Instability within the partnership.

Marie’s Ascendant = Chris’s Mercury/Saturn + 0°21′ A  SemiSquare

Succinct communication. Being prone to negative trains of thought – reticence and suspicion. Neglecting one another. Separative influences.

Marie’s Ascendant = Chris’s Sun/Jupiter + 1°39′ A  SemiSquare

A positive and enthusiastic approach to life. Recognizing the advantages and good fortune in life. Beneficial and influential connections. Mutual happiness. Affluence and generosity.

Marie’s Midheaven = Chris’s Mercury/Venus – 1°20′ S  Conjunct

Analyzing and discussing relationship dynamics. Knowing how to enjoy life. Socially active.

Marie’s Midheaven = Chris’s Uranus/Pluto + 0°44′ A  SemiSquare

Instability within domestic and professional life. Contending with disruptive and manipulative influences. Intense reactions – passionate and volatile behavior.

Marie’s Midheaven = Chris’s Moon/Neptune + 1°09′ A  Square

Idealistic aims and aspirations. Empathic responses. Psychic awareness and perception. Addictions and dependencies. Elusive and escapist tendencies.

Marie’s Midheaven = Chris’s Saturn/Ascendant + 1°21′ A  Square

Recycling fears and anxieties. Contending with harsh realities and testing experiences in life. Difficulties within the family. Losses and separations.

Chris’s Sun = Marie’s Mars/Jupiter – 0°38′ S  SemiSquare

A successful and fruitful partnership. Enterprising and productive activity. Feeling fulfilled.

Chris’s Sun = Marie’s Mars/Ascendant + 0°27′ S  SemiSquare

Argumentativeness. Heated disagreements. Enthusiasm for sparring. Relationship conflicts.

Chris’s Sun = Marie’s Saturn/Neptune + 0°30′ A  Square

Fluctuating levels of vitality, motivation, and initiative. Recycling periods of decreased physical strength and stamina. Acknowledging the value of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. Sacrifices.

Chris’s Sun = Marie’s Mercury/Pluto + 1°33′ A  SemiSquare

Intense discussions or arguments. Expressing strong convictions and intentions. Impatience.

Chris’s Sun = Marie’s Moon/Saturn + 1°48′ S  Square

Periodic loneliness. Emotional or physical separations.

Chris’s Sun = Marie’s Venus/Midheaven + 1°50′ S  Square

Loving and being loved. A union based on sincere affection.

Chris’s Moon = Marie’s Saturn/Uranus – 1°52′ S  Square

Emotional restraint and frustration. Contending with restrictive and challenging circumstances. Feeling compromised, restricted or trapped. Difficulty releasing inner tensions. The sudden loss of emotional control – reaching “breaking point”. Unsettling experiences in domestic or family life.

Chris’s Moon = Marie’s Sun/Pluto – 0°47′ S  Square

An intense emotional life. Recycling periods of feeling at the mercy of powerful forces or people. Family and domestic dramas. Power struggles. Fixations and obsessions. Manipulation.

Chris’s Moon = Marie’s Mercury/Midheaven + 0°20′ S  Square

Supporting one another’s aims and objectives. Constructive ideas and criticism.

A family that sets intellectual or business targets.

Chris’s Moon = Marie’s Sun/Uranus + 0°38′ A  Square

An intuitive and perceptive understanding. Sudden disturbances to daily patterns and routines. Unpredictable circumstances. Unsettling and disruptive influences in domestic or family life.

Chris’s Mercury = Marie’s Mars/Ascendant – 1°51′ A  SemiSquare

Assertive and direct communication. Speaking with conviction. Decisive in speech and writing. Verbal sparring. Stimulating and heated discussions between partners. Arguments. Altercations.

Chris’s Mercury = Marie’s Moon/Saturn – 0°30′ A  Square

A realistic outlook. Applying reason over emotion. Discussing emotional concerns with others; knowing when to be responsible. Serious considerations and realizations involving family life. Contemplating separation.

Chris’s Mercury = Marie’s Venus/Midheaven – 0°28′ A  Square

Thinking and speaking from the heart. Knowing what is wanted in love and personal relationships. The desire for true love and understanding with each other.

Chris’s Mercury = Marie’s Sun/Neptune + 0°43′ S  Square

Inspired and imaginative discussions. Subtle awareness. Idealistic trains of thought. Perceptive and insightful. Spiritual interests. Study of metaphysics. Day-dreaming. Confused thinking. Misunderstandings.

Chris’s Venus = Marie’s Mercury/Ascendant – 0°54′ A  Sesquiquadrate

Enjoying stimulating company and environments. Flirtatious comments and behavior. A playful and charming nature. A busy social calendar. Intimate discussions and love dialogues.

Chris’s Venus = Marie’s Pluto/Midheaven – 0°42′ A  Conjunct

A deep desire for union and intimacy. An intense and consuming sexual relationship. Powerful and profound love. Major changes through love. A love affair that changes one.

Chris’s Venus = Marie’s Uranus/Midheaven + 0°44′ S  Conjunct

Flirtatious and adventurous in love. Impulsive sexual attractions and liaisons. Provocative behavior.

Chris’s Venus = Marie’s Mercury/Mars + 0°58′ A  Square

A quick arousal of passion and desire. Knowing what to say and do in order to get what is wanted. A demonstrative, vocal and demanding nature in love. Passionately discussing intimate and personal feelings. The sexual attraction between partners. Potential arguments and emotional conflicts.

Chris’s Venus = Marie’s Sun/Saturn + 1°11′ A  Opposition

Enduring affections. The desire for stability and continuity in love and affection. A sense of loyalty and responsibility. Appreciating the simple things in life. Emotional and sexual restraint and control. Difficulties in love-expression. Estrangements and separations in love.

Chris’s Mars = Marie’s Saturn/Uranus – 1°14′ S  Sesquiquadrate

Inviting and inciting reaction. Tests of strength and ‘staying power’. Fighting against limiting and obstructive conditions. Intense frustration. Hostile acts. The sudden desire for revenge and retaliation. A risk of physical harm.

Chris’s Mars = Marie’s Sun/Pluto – 0°09′ S  Sesquiquadrate

Intent on achieving specific objectives. Dedication, commitment and accomplishment. Working under pressure. The relentless pursuit of goals; being consumed by desire or ambition. Demanding and defiant. Ruthless; the extreme use of energy. Manipulation. Power struggles.

Chris’s Mars = Marie’s Mercury/Midheaven + 0°59′ S  SemiSquare

Knowing what is desired and how to achieve it. Initiative and motivation. Exercising good judgement and setting plans in motion. Organisational skills. Taking calculated risks.

Chris’s Mars = Marie’s Sun/Uranus + 1°17′ A  Sesquiquadrate

Impulsive or spontaneous actions and reactions. States of tension and friction. Confrontations and conflict. Impatience. Accident proneness. Violence.

Chris’s Jupiter = Marie’s Mars/Ascendant – 0°00′ A  SemiSquare

Gaining the respect and trust of others. Motivating others and being motivated. Successful activity. Pro-active and resourceful. Managerial skills. Fortunate and beneficial partnerships.

Chris’s Jupiter = Marie’s Saturn/Neptune + 0°03′ A  Conjunct

Heightened physical and emotional sensitivity. Easily overwhelmed; susceptible to exhaustion and bouts of low of vitality. Fluctuating levels of optimism. Benefits from periodic solitude. Meditation – spiritual retreat. Faith and devotion. Religiosity and asceticism.

Chris’s Jupiter = Marie’s Mercury/Pluto + 1°06′ S  SemiSquare

Effective and persuasive communicators. Presenting convincing cases or points of view. Successfully influencing the thinking of others. Misrepresentations or manipulation.

Chris’s Jupiter = Marie’s Moon/Saturn + 1°20′ S  Conjunct

High standards and principles. A gradual improvement of circumstances. Accepting responsible positions. Enduring hardship in life. Periodically letting go without regret and moving on. Occasional need for time apart.

Chris’s Jupiter = Marie’s Venus/Midheaven + 1°22′ S  Opposition

Affluent ties and connections. Influential and beneficial social contacts. Advancing in life through the support and generosity of others. A fulfilling love union. Prosperity.

Chris’s Saturn = Marie’s Moon/Pluto – 0°58′ A  Square

Intense feelings of restraint; the tendency to bottle-up fears and emotions. Harboring deep sensitivities and doubts. A complex and tense emotional or family life. Emotional manipulation. Separative influences.

Chris’s Saturn = Marie’s Ascendant/Midheaven – 0°58′ A  SemiSquare

Introspection. Developing a realistic outlook in life; maturity – learning from hardship and experience. Being aware of circumstantial compromises and limitations. Persistence and patience. A respect for tradition. Separative influences.

Chris’s Saturn = Marie’s Uranus/Neptune – 0°49′ S  Square

Tenuous security. Recognizing that nothing is permanent or guaranteed. A fear of loss. Contending with turmoil and insecurity. Anguish and despair. Separations.

Chris’s Saturn = Marie’s Moon/Uranus + 0°28′ S  Square

Emotional tensions and repressions. Enduring constraint under duress. The desire to break free from restrictive or limiting circumstances. Abrupt severances. States of fear and emotional anxiety. Accumulated tensions.

Chris’s Saturn = Marie’s Mars/Midheaven + 0°55′ S  Square

Persisting against the odds. The loss of status and reputation through ill-considered actions. Sacrifices.

Chris’s Saturn = Marie’s Sun/Venus + 0°57′ S  Square

Controlled passion; emotional and sexual restraint. Difficulties with intimacy. One-sidedness within love relationships. Time heals or hardens the heart. Compromises and sacrifices – renunciation. Separative influences in love.

Chris’s Saturn = Marie’s Jupiter/Ascendant + 1°55′ S  Square

Problems in partnership through a lack of mutual trust and honesty. Learning to make concessions – or to ‘go without’. Separative tendencies.

Chris’s Uranus = Marie’s Sun/Midheaven – 1°07′ A  Sesquiquadrate

Experimentation; trying new things. Forward-thinking and progressive initiatives. Unexpected incidents. Changeable or unstable domestic and vocational circumstances.

Chris’s Uranus = Marie’s Jupiter/Saturn – 0°46′ A  Square

Alternating positive and negative attitudes. Unstable material and financial conditions. A relationship dominated by change and disruption.

Chris’s Uranus = Marie’s Saturn/Ascendant + 0°20′ S  Opposition

Displays of defiance and provocation. Taking defensive or offensive action. Sudden retreat or withdrawal. Rebelling against restrictive or dictatorial influences. Controversies. A sudden ‘loss of face’.

Chris’s Uranus = Marie’s Venus/Pluto + 0°22′ S  SemiSquare

Sudden and obsessive desires. Falling deeply and utterly in love. Experimentation in love and sex. Dramas and turmoil within the partnership. Being transformed by the power of love.

Chris’s Uranus = Marie’s Sun/Jupiter + 1°45′ S  Square

Adventurous. Enjoying new experiences in life. Seizing opportunities. Sudden indulgences and expenditures. Changing financial circumstances.

Chris’s Neptune = Marie’s Sun/Mercury – 1°12′ A  Sesquiquadrate

Inspired thinking and activity. Creative vision. Searching for spiritual answers. Clouded judgment. Delusional traits.

Chris’s Neptune = Marie’s Moon/Jupiter + 0°01′ S  SemiSquare

Embracing life and envisaging a wide range of possibilities – travel. Religious and spiritual inclinations. Dreaming and fantasizing. Exaggerated optimism and idealism. The indiscriminate squandering of resources and finances.

Chris’s Neptune = Marie’s Saturn/Pluto + 0°27′ S  Sesquiquadrate

Contending with deceptive and manipulative energies and influences. Hidden and subversive danger. Exposure to unforeseen or unimagined malice. Angst and despair. Dramatic and chaotic events. Painful separations.

Chris’s Neptune = Marie’s Moon/Ascendant + 1°07′ S  SemiSquare

Having inexplicable misgivings about some people – and situations. Feelings of distrust. Susceptible to environmental influences. Cravings and addictions. Instability and deception within partnership.

Chris’s Pluto = Marie’s Ascendant/Midheaven – 1°42′ A  Square

A powerful and dynamic relationship. Dramatic or fated partnership. Power struggles. The tendency to become obsessed or consumed with each other. Periods of mutual transformation.

Chris’s Pluto = Marie’s Moon/Uranus – 0°17′ A  SemiSquare

Emotional intensity and volatility. Simmering emotions and tensions which suddenly release. Extreme mood swings. Intractable and fanatical behavior. Enforced changes and readjustments in life.

Chris’s Pluto = Marie’s Mars/Midheaven + 0°10′ S  SemiSquare

Extremely competitive and dynamic -‘go getters’ and achievers. High-powered activity. Carrying out mammoth tasks and enterprises. Commitment to vocational objectives. Fanaticism.

Chris’s Pluto = Marie’s Sun/Venus + 0°13′ S  Sesquiquadrate

A passionate union. Intense emotions and desires. An overpowering physical and sexual attraction. The desire for commitment in love and in partnership. Drama and intensity in love life. Difficulties through possessiveness and obsessiveness.

Chris’s Pluto = Marie’s Jupiter/Ascendant + 1°10′ S  Sesquiquadrate

A powerful and influential partnership. Large-scale ventures; lucrative investments. Financial enterprises. A risk of over-extending resources.

Chris’s Ascendant = Marie’s Venus/Pluto – 1°35′ S  Opposition

Compulsive urges and desires. Sensuality. A passionate mode of expression. Sexual magnetism. Demanding partnership – potential jealousy and possessiveness. Power struggles in love and sex.

Chris’s Ascendant = Marie’s Sun/Jupiter – 0°12′ S  Sesquiquadrate

A positive and enthusiastic approach to life. Recognizing the advantages and good fortune in life. Beneficial and influential connections. Mutual happiness. Affluence and generosity.

Chris’s Ascendant = Marie’s Venus/Uranus – 0°09′ S  Opposition

Impulsiveness; loving the element of surprise. Enjoying ‘the moment’ – knowing how to have fun. Sudden physical or sexual attractions – and love affairs.

Chris’s Ascendant = Marie’s Mars/Saturn + 0°15′ A  Conjunct

Facing harsh realities about life and relationships. ‘Toughening up’ and putting on a brave face. Contending with reduced options and circumstantial limitations. Decisive separations.

Chris’s Ascendant = Marie’s Mercury/Neptune + 0°44′ A  Conjunct

Psychic communication. Sensing the mood of the environment. Secretiveness – concealing the facts.

Chris’s Midheaven = Marie’s Jupiter/Neptune – 0°23′ S  SemiSquare

A trusting, idealistic soul given to unrealistic expectations and gullibility. A risk of one partner taking advantage of the other. Disappointments.

Chris’s Midheaven = Marie’s Sun/Mercury – 0°20′ S  Sesquiquadrate

Discussing goals and objectives. Keeping up to date with current affairs. Business activity. Contracts and agreements.

Chris’s Midheaven = Marie’s Neptune/Ascendant + 0°42′ A  SemiSquare

A highly sensitive and emotional partnership. Disenchantment through unreliability or deception. Domestic instability. Secrets. Addictive tendencies.

Chris’s Midheaven = Marie’s Moon/Jupiter + 0°54′ A  SemiSquare

Enthusiastically pursuing mutual aspirations. Prosperous partnership. Natural parenting and nurturing ability. Travel. Materialistic tendencies.

Chris’s Midheaven = Marie’s Saturn/Pluto + 1°19′ A  Sesquiquadrate

Obsessive and fanatical tendencies. Contending with oppressive and restrictive conditions. Dramatic and decisive separations.

End of Report


Astrological Terms & their Meanings

The Zodiacal Signs Principle Keywords Ruler

ARIES……….. I Am………….. Motivated to act………….. Mars

TAURUS…….. I Have……….. Practical & persevering.. Venus

GEMINI……… I Think………. Duality. Communicative. Mercury

CANCER……. I Feel………… Emotional & nurturing….. Moon

LEO…………… I Will…………. Desires recognition…….. Sun

VIRGO………. I Analyse…… Attention to detail……….. Mercury

LIBRA………… I Balance…… Relates to others………… Venus

SCORPIO….. I Desire……… Intense & forceful……….. Mars/Pluto

SAGITTARIUS. I Aspire……… Broad outlook, idealistic. Jupiter

CAPRICORN. I Use…………. Realistic & responsible… Saturn

AQUARIUS… I Know………. Human understanding…. Saturn/Uranus

PISCES……… I Believe……. Spiritual & sensitive…….. Jupiter/Neptune


The Planets & Personal Points

SUN………….. Spirit, life force & identity. Masculine principle

MOON……….. Soul, emotions and instincts. Domesticity. Feminine principle

MERCURY…. Intellect and power of communication. The reasoning mind

VENUS………. Love, beauty, art and attraction

MARS………… Energy, action, aggression and conflict

JUPITER……. Wisdom, expansion, optimism & success

SATURN…….. Restriction, limitation, restraint & sorrow

URANUS……. Change, originality, revolution & eccentricity

NEPTUNE….. Imagination, spirituality, inspiration, illusion & deception

PLUTO………. Power, forces beyond personal control & transformation

NORTH NODE. Alliances, family ties and links with others

SOUTH NODE. Karma and challenges in associations

ASCENDANT. Face you show the world. Primary motivation in life

MIDHEAVEN. Aim in life


The Houses

1st HOUSE Physical appearance, self-expression and vitality

2nd HOUSE Personal assets, wealth and earning ability

3rd HOUSE Immediate environment, siblings, mentality and communication

4th HOUSE Home, family, origins, father and later life

5th HOUSE Pleasures, amusements, love & children

6th HOUSE Service, work & health

7th HOUSE Partners, other people generally & open enemies

8th HOUSE Other people’s resources, wills, legacies & death

9th HOUSE Long journeys, higher learning, religion, and law

10th HOUSE Reputation, career & the mother

11th HOUSE Friends, benefactors and groups

12th HOUSE Self-undoing, withdrawal, retreat and seclusion


The  Aspects

CONJUNCTION. Unity of energies, which can be harmonious or aggravating

OPPOSITION. Destructive or learning

TRINE……….. Harmonious and flowing

SQUARE……. Tension

SEXTILE……. Easy, creative and harmonious

QUINCUNX… Energies that work independently of each other

SESQUISQUARE. Problems that can become chronic if not addressed

SEMISQUARE. Petty annoyances that can escalate

SEMISEXTILE. Minor disruptions, which usually work out for the best



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