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Sun Trine Retrograde Saturn Transit

During the Saturn retrograde phase, the Sun will make two trines to retrograde Saturn.

The first trine (also known as the accelerated trine) to retrograde Saturn occurs approximately 12 days after the station retrograde (when it appears to slow down and change direction) date. At this time, there may be a better understanding of the issues that you are facing during the Saturn retrograde phase. You may have a better understanding and attitude toward what measures you need to take to achieve what needs to be done.

The second trine (also known as the decelerated trine) to retrograde Saturn occurs as Saturn is slowing down in preparation of its station direct (when it will appear to stop and reverse direction again). This can be a time of pent-up tension and expectations. This can be a reckless or impatient aspect.

The Sun is related to ourselves, our hero’s journey, ourselves at our essential best. The Sun is the source of light for us, and just as it shines down on earth, it shines a light wherever it falls.

Saturn is about restrictions, Saturn wants to make sure that all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed. Saturn is about taking the time to make sure something is done correctly. Saturn can delay things, but things built under Saturn are usually durable and stand the test of time.

When Saturn is retrograde it appears to be moving backward, from our perspective on earth. During the Saturn retrograde, we tend to go back over (like Saturn appears to be going back over the same ground it has just been over) matters related to limitations, restrictions, boundaries, and control over our lives.

A trine is a harmonious or easy aspect that often brings out the best in both planets involved. Trines can enhance the qualities of the planets and have them work well together and with very little resistance. However, sometimes the easy nature of the trine can lead to nothing being done. Inertia or complacency can occur as things seem too easy.




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