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Taurus 2020 Horoscope

You can find your Taurus 2020 horoscope below. These horoscopes work best when you read your Ascendant sign, and not your Sun sign (also known as star sign). Not sure what your Ascendant sign is? Generate your natal chart now, or if you prefer a more beginner-friendly version you can order your free natal chart instead (may take a few weeks to receive). 

Just as in life, you can have some things going well, and others going not so well, some of the predictions below may seem to contradict each other. Sometimes the planetary aspects seem to really hit home in your chart, and other times not so much. This is an indication of what to expect in a general sense and is not calibrated to your individual natal chart and covers only the basics of what to expect in 2020.

The year starts off with a lot of planets in your 9th house of adventure, travel, higher education, religion, beliefs, publishing, and the law. There will be a powerful Saturn conjunct Pluto aspect in this part of your chart in the first part of January.

There has probably been a build-up to changes in this area of your life for a little while now and your attitude towards at least one of these subjects is likely in a state of flux. While this might seem quite ominous and frightening, in the long term, this is likely to be quite beneficial and to assist you in growing in some fashion.

Early January to mid-February there may be disagreements over communal or shared finances and property at this time. This could be related to inheritances, divorce agreements, how shared finances are spent in a partnership (either business or romantic) or concerning income taxes or insurance claims.

From mid-January to early February, you may find yourself interacting with your friends and in groups more. This is a great time to be mingling with others, whether that be with friends, at meetings or by attending conferences.

The friendship component of any romantic relationships you are involved in will be more important to you now. Your ability and willingness to compromise in general is improved during this time.

From early February to early March, you may want to keep your relationships low-key. For some, this may indicate a secret or clandestine romantic situation. For others, it may just be wanting to keep things more removed from other people and situations at this time.

You may also find that you are more selfless and giving to your partner or others at this time. This may also be a time of hidden or psychological issues in regards to relationships.

From the 16th of February until the 9th of March, Mercury will be retrograde, which can cause all sorts of mix-ups and delays. You may find that you experience Mercury retrograde type issues for a longer period though, as the shadow period will extend from the beginning of February and the end of March 

For you, Mercury will be about rethinking, re-evaluating and re-doing matters related to your 11th house of groups, friends, organizations and your hopes and dreams. This may result in you seeing long lost friends and acquaintances.

You may find that you run into people that you know from groups and organizations that you may not have seen for a long time, or in completely different surroundings. This can be a good time to go back and work on some hopes and dreams that you may have started on but didn’t get around to completing.

The very last period of the retrograde period, from March 4, will see Mercury slip back into your 10th house of career and public reputation. You may find that you need to double-check your work more thoroughly at this time, as errors are more likely to slip through the cracks. It is also possible that you may hear from those that you use to work with, particularly if they were in a higher position than you.

Mid-February to the end of March you are likely to identify with your beliefs very strongly. You may have a tendency to try and convince others of what you believe, but you would do better if you can resist the impulse.

This is a great time to broaden your horizons and learn more in general, particularly if it is new or foreign to you. You may also be traveling more, particularly overseas or to places that have a different culture than yours. You may be more involved with the law at this time and may need to watch that you do not push your luck too much in this arena.

From early March to early April, you are likely to be more willing to compromise and want to relate and interact with others. People find you charming and magnetic now, and you are at your most appealing, both physically and emotionally.

This is a fun time for you, where you feel easy going and non-combative. It would be a great time to get away for a holiday or spend more time with friends during this period.

From the beginning of April to mid-May you are likely to be extremely ambitious and are willing to put in the hard work needed to succeed. You may have difficulty now if you are closely supervised or watched over in the workplace. You need a certain amount of autonomy to do what you want to do at your own pace now.

In fact, you may find yourself feeling quite rebellious against any type of authority at this time. You may not feel that this is the case, but find that authority figures, in general, seem determined to stand in your way during this time.

It is very easy to get into disputes with co-workers at this time, but you would do best to resist doing so if you can. Try to pick your battles, and work alone where possible.

From early April to early August, you may find that your finances have a bit of an up and down quality. Your ability to attract money and possessions at this time is high, but your tendency to over-spend is also increased.

You will be attracted to items that appeal to your sense of beauty and harmony at this time, as well as items that give you a sense of luxury or lavishness. Financial negotiations are likely to favorable at this time as you have an ability to handle these situations well now.

Venus will be retrograde this year, from May 13th to June 25th. However, the effects of Venus retrograde will be felt from April 9th until July 29th when taking into account the retrograde shadow period. Events from 8 years ago (11th April 2012 to 31st July 2012) may also be linked to events happening now.

Venus will be retrograde in your 2nd house of income, finances, and possessions. As Venus retrogrades are a time for reviewing our relationships and values, you may find yourself mulling over issues to do with these topics. Any imbalances that have occurred in these areas are likely to come under scrutiny.

On and around June 3rd, issues from the past are likely to arise and there may be a strong tendency to project these onto current partners or situations, even when there is no correlation between the two. Walls or defenses that you have built up may need to be torn down, or you may find the need to enforce boundaries at this time.

You may find that looking at matters from a new angle or taking a new approach works better for you now. This works best if you can incorporate the new ways of looking at this situation with how you have already been dealing with these sorts of matters. Venus values balance and harmony, so swinging from handing situations one way to the other extreme may do more harm than good.

Mid-May to the last week of June is a great time to chase your hopes and dreams as you have abundant energy to do so now. You are very future-orientated and are willing to put in the hard work now so you can benefit later on.

You are likely to have more to do with your friends, groups or organizations at this time too. You may be more prone to disagreements with others at this time, but if you find others that you can work with well, this is likely to be very a beneficial time for you.

From 17 Jun 2020 to 12 Jul 2020 we have Mercury retrograde and potentially causing mix-ups and delays again. Some may find the effects of the retrograde extend to the shadow period of 1 Jun to 26 Jul 2020.

This Mercury retrograde will be occurring in your 3rd house of siblings, communications and local travel. You may find that you have problems with your car or other forms of transport. You may also have issues to do with email, computers, and electronics in general. Dealing with siblings and those in your local neighborhood may be prone to mix-ups and confusion.

Late June to early September could be a frustrating time where it may seem that you cannot put a foot right. It is likely that you may slip into knee-jerk reactions when upset and that this only gets in the way of what you want to do and say during this time.

Others may seem to be working against you and your interests at this time, or it may seem that someone or something is blocking your progress. This is, however, a good time to work behind the scenes, or to volunteer, if you feel that way inclined.

From early August to early September, you may find that your day to day encounters with people are more harmonious and agreeable. You enjoy catching up with friends, siblings and those that you run into regularly. There may be an uptick in the number of communications with others during this time as well.

From early September to early October, you may find yourself becoming more of a homebody. You are more likely to want to spend time at home with your special people, rather than go out or visit with others at this time.

Your relationship with your family and your parents, in particular, is likely to be quite good during this time. You may find yourself wanting to redecorate your home or make it more appealing in some way.

Mars will be retrograde from the 9th of September until the 13th of November (the effects may be felt from 25 July 2020 to 2 January 2021 when allowing for the shadow period). When Mars is transiting retrograde we are reevaluating our power, drive, energy, and assertiveness. This will be taking place in the area of your chart that is associated with behind the scenes action, places of seclusion, the hidden and secret, and was traditionally known as the place of our undoing.

Up until the 13th of October, there can be a tendency to over-react concerning these topics and it can be hard to see situations as they truly are. The 13th of October may bring a situation to a head, and may lead to a type of explosion of energies/frustration.

This is certainly not the only time that Mars (energy, drive, ambition, anger, libido) will find itself frustrated this year. In fact, a lot of 2020 will feel like a push-pull, stop-start sort of energy as Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn will be having a lot of sway over Mars as well. It may take until mid-January 2021 before you feel like you are making any real progress at all.

As it turns out, the 13th of October is also when Mercury stations retrograde for the final time this year. This is the start of the retrograde phase, where mix-ups and delays are to be expected, so pressures are likely to be quite intense then.

The Mercury retrograde phase is from 13 October to 3 November, but the shadow period will be from 23 September to 19 November. This will be occurring in your 7th house of relationships. You may find that you hear from ex-partners during this time. There may also be issues relating to communications between you and your partner, business or romantic.

On the 27th of October, Mercury will move back into your 6th house. This is the house of services to others. This is also related to work in a general sense, health and fitness, and daily routines. You may find that there are mix-ups with test results, or callbacks to get retested for something medical. You may also find that a pet can return at this time, or may need some attention for a prior problem.

Most of October is a great time to get away for holidays if you can. This is a time when you have little time for work and heavy topics in any case. You would rather focus on fun times with those that you care about.

If you have children, this is likely to be a wonderful time to spend with them. For those in relationships, this is likely to be a carefree and relaxed time. You feel able to be yourself and feel appreciated for who you are.

For those that are artistically inclined, this can be a very productive time. For those that are not so talented, an appreciation for the creative work of others is likely now.

From late October to late November, you may run into some relationship difficulties. If there are problems in your relationship, this is a good time to discuss them and come to some sort of agreement. There is a strong tendency for you to want to focus on only the fun side of things now, but ignoring matters will not make them go away.

You may want to be off enjoying yourself when you need to knuckle down and work. In the workplace, however, you should be able to schmooze well with those you work with. Your health is likely to be good at this time, but you may need to watch your weight.

From Late November until mid-December, your relationships are likely to be excellent. This includes not only your romantic relationships but those with good friends and business partners.

You are likely to be more open and affectionate during this time. For those that are single, this can be a good time for a new romance.

If you have been in conflict with someone and want to reconnect, this is the optimum time to do so. The only thing you need to watch out for is that you too easy-going and accommodating.

From mid-December looks to be a fortunate time when it comes to finances. You may benefit from money via your partner, a bank, taxation, inheritance or insurances.

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