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Venus Conjunct Pluto Transit

Venus conjunct Pluto transits can have us searching for intensity in our relationships. If we don’t get the intensity we crave, we may act out and cause trouble in our relationships to gain it.

There may be a desire to transform a relationship or our approach to relationships somehow at this time. This can lead to power-plays or manipulation, but it can also lead to powerful honesty and vulnerability in our relationships.
Venus is related to our affections and our value system. It is how we attract others and what or who we are attracted to. Venus is about our desire nature, what we look for in our relationships and how we bond with others. It is associated with an appreciation of beauty, art, harmony, luxury, and money.

Pluto is associated with power plays, unearthing the hidden sexuality, intensity, and crisis. Pluto can tear things down so that they can be rebuilt better. There is often a phoenix rising from the flames vibe with Pluto.

Planets are conjunct when they are 0° apart (usually in the same sign). When looking at transits (as opposed to natal astrology), we typically allow an orb (allowance) of 1°, so planets that are 0° to 1° degrees apart are considered conjunct.

Conjunctions represent a blending of the energies of the planets involved. When the planets involved are complementary, this is likely to work well. When the qualities of the planets involved are diametrically different, there is likely to be more tension involved.

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