You are currently viewing Venus Retrograde – 13 May to 25 June 2020

Venus Retrograde – 13 May to 25 June 2020

Venus is retrograde for approximately 40 days every 18 months. During this time Venus appears to be moving backwards, from our perspective on earth. Venus retrogrades return to a similar place in the zodiac every 8 years, so there is often a link between matters happening during a current Venus retrograde and a Venus retrograde from 8 years prior. 

When Venus is retrograde we tend to go back over (like Venus appears to be going back over the same ground it has just been over) matters related to our relationships and our values. 

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Venus retrograde dates for 2020

Venus will station retrograde on 13 May 2020 at 21° Gemini 50′

Venus will station direct on 25 June 2020 at 5° Gemini 20′.

All times Central Standard Time (C.S.T.).

Venus Retrograde Shadow dates

There is a phenomenon known as the retrograde shadow period which takes into account the degrees that Venus retrogrades from (station retrograde) and retrogrades back to (station direct).  The retrograde shadow period basically extends the dates that the effects of Venus retrograde (relationships and values being reassessed) may be experienced by some people. 

Venus first passed over the station direct degree (5° Gemini) on the 9 April 2020. Venus was in direct (prograde) motion at the time. During this Venus retrograde, Venus will retrograde (appear to move backward) to this same degree. This is also the degree that Venus will station direct (assume direct or prograde motion again after being retrograde for approximately 40 days). 

The retrograde shadow period will not end until Venus has caught up to the degree that it was at when it first stationed retrograde (stopped and appeared to reverse direction). This retrograde shadow period ends on 26 July 2020 when Venus passes 21° Gemini which is the degree it was at when it first started its apparent backward motion. 

Links to Venus retrograde 8 years prior

As Venus returns to retrograde in a similar place in the zodiac every 8 years, there is often a link between these two retrograde periods. 

The previous retrograde Venus cycle this one is linked to was from 15 May 2012 at 23° Gemini 59′ to 27 June 2012 at 7° Gemini 29′ (11th April 2012 to 31st July 2012 allowing for the retrograde shadow phase).

Sensitive natal degrees for this Venus retrograde

If you have natal planets or chart angles at 19° to 23° or 4° to 6° of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces or Virgo, you may find yourself feeling the effects of the retrograde more strongly than others.

What you can expect this Venus retrograde

To find out how this particularly Venus retrograde might affect you, read the information related to  your Ascendant sign. Keep in mind that events from 8 years ago (particularly April to July 2012) may have some link to events occurring during this Venus retrograde phase. 

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Gemini Ascendant or Gemini in the 1st house

The 1st house is about ourselves, our appearance, health and how others perceive us. Venus retrograde through the 1st natal house may have you re-evaluating if all is as it should be in these areas of your life. You may decide that you want a new look, a better grasp on health matters or somehow change how others view your personality.

Taurus Ascendant or Gemini in the 2nd house

The 2nd house is all about your income, finances, and possessions. Venus retrograde through the 2nd natal house may have your  attitudes towards financial matters changing significantly.  You may decide to take more control of your finances, or alternatively, you may find that your value system regarding material possessions and finances changes in some way. 

Aries Ascendant or Gemini in the 3rd house

The 3rd house is associated with our siblings, our local neighborhood, day to day encounters, and communications in general.  Venus retrograde through the 3rd natal house may have you approaching your relationship with siblings in a different manner. Events from 8 years ago may play a part in this. You may also find that there are changes in how you view and interact with others in your local neighborhood, concerning short distance travel, or communications in general. 

Pisces Ascendant or Gemini in the 4th house

The 4th house is related to our home and family, and our parents in particular. When Venus is retrograde through the 4th natal house, you may find family or home-related mattes from 8 years prior cropping up and demanding attention. How you view your parents may undergo a change during this time, as may your opinions on such matters as your homeland, heritage or real estate in general.

Aquarius Ascendant or Gemini in the 5th house

The 5th house is related to our children, love affairs, creativity, sport, and all the things that we find fun such as socializing. Venus retrograde through the 5th natal house may have you reassessing these topics and deciding that changes need to be made in some of these matters. What was once fun and gave us joy may have shifted and there may be an appreciation for other types of activities after the retrograde period.

Capricorn Ascendant or Gemini in the 6th house

The 6th house is associated with our work, day to day routines, our health and fitness, and pets. Venus retrograde through the 6th natal house may have you reassessing your daily routines and making changes there or in your health, or work life. 

Sagittarius Ascendant or Gemini in the 7th house

The 7th house is associated with our close relationships. This includes our business and romantic partners, and good friends. Venus retrograde through the 7th natal house is likely to have us reassessing these relationships and seeing if we need to make any changes. Matters from 8 years prior may play a part in these assessments.

Scorpio Ascendant or Gemini in the 8th house

The 8th house is the house of other people’s money. This includes such matters as shared finances and possessions, insurances, inheritances, taxation, and loans. Venus retrograde through the 8th natal house is likely to have you reassessing how you manage these matters. 

Libra Ascendant or Gemini in the 9th house

The 9th house is associated with overseas travel, higher education, philosophy, religion and beliefs, along with the law and publishing. Venus retrograde through the 9th house means that we may be reassessing our attitudes and value systems concerning religion, beliefs, other countries, and cultures. We may also be thinking differently regarding higher education or the law. 

Virgo Ascendant or Gemini in the 10th house

The 10th house is associated with our career or public reputation. Venus retrograde through the natal 10th house may have us reassessing what we do for a living and whether it fits in with our values. There may also be a reassessment of our public image during this time.

Leo Ascendant or Gemini in the 11th house

The 11th house is associated with groups, friends, and organizations. This is also the house of our hopes and dreams. Venus retrograde through the 11th natal house may have us reassessing what we want to achieve through our life, what is important to us. It may also have us assessing our friendships and group affiliations and whether they are in line with our values.

Cancer Ascendant or Gemini in the 12th house

The 12th house is associated with the hidden and more private matters in our lives. This is also the house of our undoing,  places of confinement and nonvisible ailments such as mental health issues. Venus retrograde through the natal 12th house may have us reassessing how much time we need for solitude and retreat in our lives. We may also be assessing matters that have been secret or hidden from others.

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