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Virgo 2021 Horoscope

You can find your Virgo 2021 horoscope below. These horoscopes work best when you read your Ascendant sign and not your Sun sign (also known as your star sign).

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Just as in life, you can have some things going well and others going not so well; some of the predictions below may seem to contradict each other. Sometimes the planetary aspects seem to really hit home in your chart, and other times not so much.

This is an indication of what to expect in a general sense and is not calibrated to your individual natal chart, and covers only the basics of what to expect in 2021.

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All dates given are for USA Central Time.

This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase something after clicking on it. This helps cover the expense of running the site while keeping the content 100% free. Your support is appreciated!

This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase something after clicking on it. This helps cover the expense of running the site while keeping the content 100% free. Your support is appreciated!


At the end of 2020, we had Jupiter and Saturn move into the sign of Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn also had their grand conjunction, which only happens every 20 years, and sets the tone for the next 20 years.

Jupiter and Saturn’s grand conjunction occurred in the 6th house of your health, daily routines, pets, and work relationships. Jupiter will be in this section of your chart for a year and usually brings expansion, enthusiasm, and luck to the area it is transiting. 

Saturn will be in this section of your chart until March 2023 and often brings hard work, restrictions, and delays to matters related to the area that it is transiting. As such, your health and fitness, daily routines, pets, or work relationships may be especially significant over the next couple of years. 

Unfortunately, it won’t all be smooth sailing. At various times this year, you will have to deal with sudden, unexpected, and unpredictable events (Uranus) upsetting your plans in these areas somewhat.

For you, these upsets are likely to be related to your desire for excitement and expanding your horizons. This may be through travel, foreigners, higher education, esoteric subjects, religion, philosophy, publishing, and the law. That may all sound a little daunting and overwhelming. However, this is more a helpful reminder to be aware that these areas may trip you up from time to time. 


The year starts with you looking to expand your horizons in some fashion. You may be interested in undertaking some higher education or exposing yourself to other beliefs and cultures. You have plenty of energy to burn now, but you may need to watch that you don’t come on too strong or dogmatic at times. 

Your mind may be focused on matters to do with your workplace relationships, your health, or a pet. There is also the chance to have some fun during this time, with creativity, hobbies, romance, and socializing. 

The Full Moon near the end of the month signals an ending or completion of something related to your most private or hidden parts of your life. This could relate to something similar to addictions, psychological issues, or self-defeating patterns. 

At the very end of the month, Mercury retrogrades in the area of your chart concerning your working relationships, health, or pets. The possibility of delays, mix-ups, and miscommunications in these areas of your life are stronger now. 


Over the next three weeks, you can expect delays and frustrations with communications with those you work with, pets, daily routines, and your health matters. You may also see or hear from people that you have worked with in the past.   

From the 18th of February onward, you are likely to be focused on your closest one-on-one relationships. This may include business and romantic partners and good friends. Your interactions with partners are likely to be smooth and harmonious at this time. 

Near the end of the month, the Full Moon indicates an ending or high point associated with your health, appearance, or how others view you.  


Early in the month, you are likely to be throwing yourself into career-related activities. You may also be focused on your public reputation at this time. 

From mid-month onward, you are thinking about and communicating more with business and romantic partners. From the 20th, you are interested in shared finances and resources. This may also include matters to do with insurances, loans, taxation, or inheritances. 

The Full Moon near the end of the month may bring endings, culminations, or a high point concerning your income and personal finances and possessions. 


As the month starts, you are thinking more about shared finances and matters such as loans, taxation, insurances, and inheritances. 

From mid-month, you may be attracted to someone from another country or culture. You are also likely to be very interested in learning more about other beliefs and cultures at this time.

In the final week of the month, you have more time to spend catching up with friends or mingling within groups or organizations. Alternatively, you may be doing more networking with others in your career field.  

The Full Moon on the 26th indicates that there may be endings or completions regarding siblings, transportation, electronics, communications in general, or your local area. 


Early in the month, you are eager to discuss your thoughts regarding work and career matters. In the workplace, matters should go smoothly, and you are seen as charming and harmonious. There may even be the possibility of a workplace romance now. 

From the 13th until the end of July is a great time to focus on your closest one-on-one relationships. This includes business and romantic partners and good friends. If your job includes working closely with clients, this may also apply. This is a pleasant and potentially lucky time for these activities. Still, if you don’t accomplish all that you want during this time, you will have another chance next year. 

In the last third of the month, your focus will soon turn once more towards your career and public reputation. Matters to do with your health, pets, or relationships with coworkers may seem to stall or get bogged down in red tape about the same time. 

From the end of the month and the first three weeks of June, you may have trouble getting your message across in the workplace. This may be literally, as in via email, messenger, letters, etc., or your words seem to end up misconstrued, taken out of context, or completely misunderstood. 

The Lunar Eclipse on the 26th may bring sudden changes or endings regarding your family, parents, real estate matters, or your home or living situation. This may indicate that a peak is reached at this time and that a new phase is ready to begin. 


From early in the month, you will enjoy times spent with friends and interacting with those in groups and organizations. There is a possibility of a romance springing from one of these areas as well at this time.

The Solar Eclipse early in the month shines a light on your career and public reputation. There may be sudden changes or something regarding these topics may come to light at this time. 

From the 11th, your energy levels may start to droop. You may need to take more time out to rest and recharge at this time. 

Your enthusiasm for what you have planned regarding your closest relationships may seem to stall slightly from the 20th. Plans you have made may need some revision but are likely to work out better for you in the long run. From the 26th, you prefer to keep your relationships more low-key. There is the possibility of a secret or hidden affair at this time. 

The Full Moon on the 24th focuses on endings or completions concerning what you do for fun and what brings you joy. This may include your children, creativity, sport, hobbies, romance, and socializing. A high point may have been reached, and a new one about to commence. 


The start of the month may be a little tense for everyone. There may also be a few curveballs to deal with, sudden unexpected events cropping up. 

Relationships may be a little rocky at this time too. Making rash judgments is not the way to go at this time, as you may not know all of a situation’s facts. This is particularly true around the 6th. 

From the 11th, your attention is more likely to be focused on groups, friends, and organizations. You may also be thinking more and making plans regarding your hopes and wishes. 

From the 21st you are likely to be feeling and looking good. Others find you more attractive and charming now. Having said that, you may find that your energy levels are lower at this time, and you may benefit from taking time out to recharge when you can. 

On the 23rd, the Full Moon is associated with your working relationships, daily routines, health, and pets. The enthusiasm you had for these matters may seem to evaporate near this time but will return near the end of October. There is a possibility that any plans you have made regarding these matters will have to undergo some type of revamping first, though.

Near the end of the month, you prefer to keep your thoughts and plans to yourself. You are more interested in working and scheming behind the scenes for now. 


From now up to mid-September, your energy levels significantly increase. The only thing you may need to watch is that you do not come across as more aggressive than you realize. You have the energy to tackle what you want to now, though, and this would be a great time to pour that energy into improving your health and fitness.  

From mid-month, you are more attracted to anything shiny and lovely and may end up spending more money than you realize if you are not careful. There is the possibility of a raise or bonus at this time. You are more interested in sharing your thoughts with others now and may draw more attention to yourself at this time.  

On the 22nd, the Full Moon happens in the same area of your chart that it did last month. This emphasizes endings or culminations concerning coworkers, pets, daily routines, and health. 


A lot of your focus for September is likely to be on your income, personal finances, and possessions. 

From the 10th, your relationships with siblings and those you see regularly are likely to be harmonious and smooth. Your appreciation for those in your life is higher at this time. 

In the second half of the month, there may be some issues related to finances. This may mean that there are disputes or upsets regarding these matters, or you may simply be putting more effort and energy into gaining and maintaining them. 

The Full Moon on the 20th focuses on your closest one-on-one relationships. There may be endings or culmination in these areas of your life at this time. 

At the end of the month, Mercury is retrograde again. This time it may cause delays, havoc, and confusion regarding your income, personal finances, or possessions.


You may find that you have to deal with errors or mix-ups to do with finances during the first three weeks. From the 7th, your desire for a beautiful and harmonious home is increased. You may find that you feel like decorating your home at this time. 

The Full Moon on the 20th falls in the area associated with shared finances and resources, taxation, insurances, and loans. You may experience endings or a high point regarding one of these subjects. 

The 22nd is an excellent time to connect with siblings or catch up with others in your local area. You may also find that you get more enjoyment from your daily communications and connections. 

From the end of the month until mid-December, you may find that the pace of your day to day chores and responsibilities increases. You are likely to have much more energy to tackle these responsibilities. However, you may be a little less patient with them at times. 


The first half of the month has a few tense moments. You are in the mood at this time to enjoy time with who and what brings you joy. This may include your children, creativity, hobbies, sports, romance, or socializing. 

The Lunar Eclipse of the 19th falls in the area of broadening your horizons. This may relate to long-distance travel, higher education, religion, philosophy, esoteric subjects, publishing, or the law. Sudden changes or something hidden regarding these matters may be revealed close to this time. 

From the 24th, you find yourself spending more time thinking about home and family. This may apply to your parents in particular.  


There is a Solar Eclipse on the 4th in the area of your chart associated with your home, family, and real estate matters. You may embark on a new beginning or have some information come to light regarding these matters. 

The second week sees you dreaming big, but you may need to watch that you have all the facts you need to be aware of. From the 13th, your attention is likely to be focused on fun activities. This may include creativity, sports, romance, children, or socializing. You may also be interested in doing more around your home or with family members. 

The Full Moon on the 18th is in the area of the chart that is about your career and public reputation. There may be endings or high points reached concerning these matters. 

From the 19th, Venus retrogrades in the area concerning children, romance, creativity, sport, hobbies, or socializing. Your approach to these topics and your values and ethics related to these matters may undergo some re-examination at this time. 

The end of the year sees matters related to your closest one-on-one relationship seem more promising and have you feeling more hopeful and optimistic. 

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