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Weekly Astrology – 17 to 23 October 2022

From late morning on the previous Sunday, we have the Sun moving up toward its upcoming trine with Mars. The Sun trine Mars aspect is exact later afternoon (4:49 pm C.D.T.) on Monday and will start to fade out from late night on Tuesday. 

Sun trine Mars can give us a real boost of energy. However, Mars is currently moving at about 34% of its usual speed as it is getting ready to slow down and station retrograde. The desire to move forward may be strong, but you may find that you just don’t have the energy or resources to suitably carry you through as far as you would like at this time. 

From late evening on Monday, Venus will move up toward its upcoming trine with Mars. The Venus trine Mars aspect will be exact late night (9:18 pm C.D.T.) on Tuesday and start to fade from mid-evening on Wednesday. 

Venus and Mars are an archetypal pair. Together, they can bring a sexy, flirty energy, especially as both planets are currently in air signs. Mars is moving way slower than usual, though, while Venus is picking up speed as she races toward her conjunction with the Sun on the 22nd. 

From mid-morning on Tuesday, the Sun moves toward its upcoming square with Pluto. The Sun square Pluto aspect will be exact mid-morning (8:18 am C.D.T.) on Wednesday and start to fade out from late morning on Thursday. 

The Sun square Pluto can have us feeling like we might not be fully in control. Issues surrounding power dynamics, honesty, and underlying or hidden problems may arise to be addressed. 

From late afternoon on Tuesday, Venus moves up to within a 1° orb of a conjunction with the Sun. As Venus is in direct motion at this time, this is referred to as the superior conjunction. The conjunction of the Sun with a retrograde Venus is the inferior conjunction. 

The exact conjunction of Venus with the Sun will not be until mid-afternoon (3:03 pm C.D.T.) on Saturday. However, when a traditional planet is conjunct with the Sun, we refer to it as a cazimi (in the heart of the Sun). It is said that traditional planets here can gain in strength, as it is akin to a subject being in the same room as the King (Sun). Medieval astrologers give an orb of 16′ for a planet to be considered cazimi. In contrast, many Hellenistic astrologers allow a wider orb of 1° either side. Allowing a 1° orb for the conjunction, Venus will be cazimi from late afternoon (4:49 pm C.D.T.) Tuesday to late afternoon (2:50 pm C.D.T.) Tuesday 25 October. 

The superior conjunction of Venus with the Sun marks a new cycle for Venus. As Venus is in Libra at the time, a sign that it rules, this is likely to be a promising start. Matters associated with Venus, such as love, affection, beauty, art, personal values, women, and what brings us pleasure, may be undergoing re-evaluation or evolution. 

From mid-morning on Wednesday, Venus moves toward its upcoming square with Pluto. The Venus square Pluto aspect will be exact in the very early hours (12:46 am C.D.T.) of Thursday and start to fade out by late evening on Thursday. 

Venus square Pluto can bring up issues in relationships. There may be secrets or underlying issues revealed. Jealousy or obsessions may be a problem at this time. 

From mid-morning on Saturday, Mercury moves toward its upcoming trine with retrograde Saturn. The exact Mercury trine Saturn aspect is mid-evening (7:56 pm C.D.T.) on Saturday and should start to wane late morning on Sunday. 

Mercury trine Saturn can lead to strategic thinking. As Saturn is retrograde but slowing down to almost a stop at the time of the exact trine, thinking may be much slower but more focused. Saturn will actually station direct while Mercury is within a 1° orb of its trine to Saturn, so there may be some change of direction in these plans. 

Saturn stations direct late at night (11:08 pm C.D.T.) on Saturday. Saturn has been retrograde since 4 June, and this change of direction for Saturn may manifest in a feeling that some restrictions or roadblocks have been lifted.

All times given are for U.S.A. Central Time (C.D.T.)

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