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Weekly Astrology – 19 to 25 December 2022

This week the big news is that Jupiter is moving from Pisces into Aries mid-morning (8:303 am C.S.T.) on Tuesday. Jupiter was in dignity (in a sign that it ruled) when it was in Pisces, so it’s leaving for another 12 years or so has resulted in some gnashing of teeth.

Jupiter is the greater benefic (bringer of good luck) and so no matter where it is, it is likely to bring optimism, enthusiasm and perhaps some benefit to you. So, wherever Aries is in your natal chart might benefit from having Jupiter in Aries.

You may have already experienced some good luck in this area of your chart as Jupiter was briefly in Aries earlier this year (10 May to 28 October 2022). In any case, best to make the most of it being there, as Jupiter will be moving into Taurus on 16 May 2023 and that will be the last time it is in Aries for another 12 years.

From late afternoon on Tuesday, the Sun moves up toward its upcoming square with Jupiter.  The Sun square Jupiter can have us over-reaching or over-estimating ourselves.

The Sun square Jupiter aspect will be exact early evening (6:34 pm C.S.T.) on Wednesday and should start to fade from late evening on Thursday.

Late afternoon (3:49 pm C.S.T.) on Wednesday, the 21st the Sun moves into Capricorn. The ingress of the Sun into Capricorn is synced to the Winter Solstice in the Northern hemisphere (Summer Solstice in the Southern hemisphere) in tropical astrology. In the Northern Hemisphere this is the shortest day of the year, and from this day there will slowly be more light in each day. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is the longest day of the year, and from this day there will be a little less light in the day.

From late night on Wednesday, Venus moves up toward its upcoming trine with Uranus.  Venus trine Uranus can have us fancying something a little different, whether that is in romance, art, beauty or values.

The Venus trine Uranus aspect will be exact in the early hours (3:37 am C.S.T.) of Thursday and start to wane late that same night (Venus is moving fast at this time).

In the early hours (4:16 am C.S.T.) of Friday, we have the New Moon in Capricorn. New Moons are a time of new beginnings and a great time for setting intentions.  Donna from Donna Barr Astrology and I cohost a podcast called Astro Babble and record horoscopes for the New and Full Moons, and you can find the episode for the Capricorn New Moon below (or view it over at the Astro Babble YouTube Channel).

From late morning on Friday, Mercury will move up toward its upcoming sextile with Neptune. Mercury sextile Neptune can have us feeling idealistic and altruistic. We are likely to be more intuitive and may be more creative during this time. 

The Mercury sextile Neptune aspect will be exact early evening (7:04 pm C.S.T.) on Saturday and should start to wane by mid-afternoon on Sunday.  Mercury is moving very slowly at this time as it is preparing to station retrograde on Thursday the 29th of December.  Mercury will come back to sextile Neptune again on the 2nd of January 2023, but at that time it will be retrograde. 

To those reading this, I hope you have a happy and safe holiday season. Thanks for reading. 

All times and dates given are for United States Central Standard Time (C.S.T.)

After 6 years of providing weekly horoscopes, I have decided to move away from writing them for the website. However, I will still provide a weekly astrology round-up of what is happening in the skies.

For those interested in horoscopes, you might consider the Astro Babble podcast that I and Donna from Donna B Astrology co-host. We record horoscopes for the New and Full Moons, look ahead at the planetary aspects for the following two weeks and give our take on them. You can find the latest New or Full Moon podcast on the front page of this website or over at the Astro Babble YouTube Channel


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