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Weekly Astrology – 20 to 26 November 2023

We start the week with the Sun moving up to sextile Pluto. Sun sextile Pluto can have us feeling powerful and like we have what we need under control. 

This is followed by Mars sextile Pluto on Tuesday. As we recently and the Sun conjunct Mars (cazimi), where Mars started its new 2-year cycle, this aspect would be a great chance to really get a head start on what you want to achieve over the next few years. 

On Wednesday, the Sun enters Sagittarius. Happy Sagittarius season!  Wherever Sagittarius is in your natal chart, over the next month, there will be a focus on the people and topics associated with that natal house. 

With the Sun in Sagittarius, we are generally feeling more upbeat and enthusiastic. However, as the Sun enters Sagittarius, it moves closer to its exact square with Saturn which occurs in the early hours of Thursday.

Sun square Saturn can have us feeling overwhelmed and depressed about our duties and obligations.

On Friday, Mars enters Sagittarius. Mars in Sagittarius is amped up and ready for action. However, on Saturday, Mars will square Saturn. 

Saturn and Mars are very different planets and a square aspect is challenging.  Mars just wants to power forward, whereas Saturn is about restrictions and limitations.  There is likely to be quite a bit of frustration with this aspect, but it should pass in a few days, as Mars is moving relatively quickly. 

All times and dates are for the United States Central Standard Time (C.S.T.) 

After 6 years of providing weekly horoscopes, I have decided to move away from writing them for the website. However, I will still provide a weekly astrology round-up of what is happening in the skies.

For those interested in horoscopes, you might consider the Astro Babble podcast that I and Donna from Donna B Astrology co-host. We record horoscopes for the New and Full Moons, look ahead at the planetary aspects for the following two weeks and give our take on them. You can find the latest New or Full Moon podcast on the front page of this website or over at the Astro Babble YouTube Channel


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