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Weekly Astrology – 22 to 28 May 2023

Last week we had Jupiter enter Taurus and Mars enter Leo. As they did so, they set the stage for a t-square between the three of them

Mars, named for the god of War is associated with action, anger, and aggression whereas Pluto is associated with transformation, power play and depth, and honesty. Jupiter is benefic and is usually considered a lucky planet, but it does like to expand. 

On Sunday, the Sun moved into Gemini and hopefully gave some of those energies a way to express themselves a little more productively. 

The Sun moved up to trine Pluto, which can have us feeling like we have a little more control over our lives. 

Then on Monday, the Sun sextiles Mars. This can have us putting our plans into action, walking the walk, not just talking the talk. 

On Tuesday, Mars forms its exact square with Jupiter. This can lead to explosive aggression or anger, or can hopefully be mitigated through getting out and doing something physical to help mitigate those energies. 

On Friday, we have Venus sextile Uranus which is a nice break from some of these more tense aspects. We may find ourselves attracted to people or social activities that are very different from our usual tastes. 

We finish up the week with the Sun square Saturn.  After a tense start to the week, followed by hopefully an unusual but fun start to the weekend, we end the week with obligations, duties, and what just needs doing. 

All dates given are for United States Central Daylight Time (CDT).

After 6 years of providing weekly horoscopes, I have decided to move away from writing them for the website. However, I will still provide a weekly astrology round-up of what is happening in the skies.

For those interested in horoscopes, you might consider the Astro Babble podcast that I and Donna from Donna B Astrology co-host. We record horoscopes for the New and Full Moons, look ahead at the planetary aspects for the following two weeks and give our take on them. You can find the latest New or Full Moon podcast on the front page of this website or over at the Astro Babble YouTube Channel


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