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Weekly Astrology – 27 November to 3 December 2023

We start the week with the Full Moon in Gemini on Monday. Full Moons are about high points, culminations, and endings. The natal house with Gemini in your natal chart is likely to indicate the people and topics likely to be associated with these events. 

The Full Moon is followed by Mercury (ruler of this Full Moon) squaring Neptune. Mercury square Neptune can lead to confusion and in some cases, possibly deception. 

On Friday, Mercury moves into Sagittarius. Mercury gains some dignity with this move, as in Sagittarius (the sign opposite one of its home signs) it was in detriment and unable to perform all the things it wanted to effectively. 

When Mercury is in Capricorn, thinking and communications are often slower and more considered. Thinking may also be more conservative. Wherever Capricorn is in your natal chart may give you some indications of the people and topics that you are likely to be communicating with and thinking about over the next three weeks. 

On Saturday, Mercury moves on to sextile Saturn. As Mercury is currently in Capricorn, this is great, as Saturn rules Capricorn. When a planet is in a sign that is not ruled by itself, it helps if it can be “seen” by the planet that rules the sign it is currently in. 

So Saturn can “see” Mercury in his house of Capricorn and lend his assistance to Mercury. Saturn brings maturity and wisdom to thinking, communication, and learning. 

On Sunday, we have Venus square Pluto. Venus square Pluto can lead to intensity and depth in relationships. As this is a square aspect, it is likely to be quite tense. For some, this will bring up issues with jealousy, obsession, and power issues. 

All dates given are for the United States Central Daylight Time (C.D.T.).

After 6 years of providing weekly horoscopes, I have decided to move away from writing them for the website. However, I will still provide a weekly astrology round-up of what is happening in the skies.

For those interested in horoscopes, you might consider the Astro Babble podcast that I and Donna from Donna B Astrology co-host. We record horoscopes for the New and Full Moons, look ahead at the planetary aspects for the following two weeks and give our take on them. You can find the latest New or Full Moon podcast on the front page of this website or over at the Astro Babble YouTube Channel


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