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Weekly Astrology – 5 to 11 June 2023

There’s a lot going on this week, so let’s get into it. 

On Monday Venus enters the sign of Leo. Venus will remain in Leo for just over 4 months as Venus will get nearly the whole way through Leo before stationing retrograde.

Venus will be retrograde between 22 July and 3 September, but the retrograde shadow period extends the effects of the Venus retrograde to between 19 June and 7 October.

Not long after Venus enters Leo it will oppose Pluto. Venus opposite Pluto can lead to some intense, heavy, and in-depth relationship interactions. They may be issues to do with power dynamics in our relationships, jealousy, obsession, or manipulation. 

On Friday, we have Mercury sextile Neptune. This can be a great aspect for creative thinking. It’s not a great aspect if you have work to do that requires attention to detail.  

On Sunday we have Pluto retrograding back into Capricorn. Pluto has been in Capricorn this time around since 2008. It dipped its toes into Aquarius on 23 March this year but it soon stationed retrograde and now it is making its way back into Capricorn again.

Those with natal planets or chart points in the late degrees of the cardinal signs (Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra) are most likely to be impacted by this. Pluto is associated with transformation. However, this transformation is not often easy or pretty. Pluto tends to focus our attention on what needs to be fixed.

Pluto will re-enter Aquarius again on 20 January 2024, but it is not fully done with Capricorn just yet. Pluto will retrograde into Capricorn once again from 1 September 2024 and remain there until 19 November 202, when it finally leaves Capricorn for a very long time. 

Also on Sunday, we have Mercury forming a trine to Pluto. Mercury trine Pluto can lead to intense, powerful, and transformative thinking. Mercury will be in the late degrees of Taurus when this aspect is exact but will soon move into Gemini.

Mercury is powerful in Gemini, as it will be in a sign that it rules (domicile).  Thinking, communication and learning should improve with the shift of Mercury into Gemini

Finally, rounding out the week we have Venus square JupiterThe square between these two benefic planets can lead to too much of a good thing. While it may be fun at the time, you may end up with a hangover, tummy ache or some regrets later on. 

All dates given are for United States Central Daylight Time (C.D.T.)

After 6 years of providing weekly horoscopes, I have decided to move away from writing them for the website. However, I will still provide a weekly astrology round-up of what is happening in the skies.

For those interested in horoscopes, you might consider the Astro Babble podcast that I and Donna from Donna B Astrology co-host. We record horoscopes for the New and Full Moons, look ahead at the planetary aspects for the following two weeks and give our take on them. You can find the latest New or Full Moon podcast on the front page of this website or over at the Astro Babble YouTube Channel


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