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Weekly Horoscope – 14 to 20 March 2022

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Mercury moves up closer to its upcoming sextile with Uranus from late afternoon on Wednesday. 

The exact aspect is mid-morning (7:03 am C.D.T) on Thursday. The effects of the aspect should start to wane by late evening on Thursday. 

From early afternoon on Thursday, the Sun moves up closer to its upcoming sextile with Pluto. On Friday, the Sun sextile Pluto aspect is exact early afternoon (2:17 pm C.D.T.). The aspect should start to wane by mid-afternoon on Saturday. 

In the early hours of Friday (2:17 am C.D.T.), we have the Full Moon at 27° Virgo 40′. If you want to know more about what you can expect from this Full Moon, you can listen to the podcast embedded below or check out the Astro Babble YouTube Channel video. 

A few hours after the Full Moon, Venus moves up closer to its upcoming square with Uranus

On Saturday, the Venus square Uranus aspect is exact mid-morning (6:16 am C.D.T.). The aspect should start to wane from mid-morning on Sunday. 

Late morning (10:33 am C.D.T.) Sunday, the Sun moves into the sign of Aries. In Tropical Astrology (the type of astrology many western astrologers use), the ingress (entry) of the Sun into Aries is synced to the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. 

All dates given are for U.S.A. Central Daylight Time (C.D.T.)

Checkout the podcast about the Full Moon in Virgo

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Matters to do with pets, work, or health issues may be wrapping up at this time or coming to some type of culmination. From mid-week, you may have some inventive ideas on saving or accumulating more money and resources. You may also find that you are feeling more in control and able to tackle what needs doing in your career.


From mid-week, hanging out with friends or those that you know through groups may spark some really inventive ideas for you. You may feel inspired to expand your horizons through such things as travel, higher education, or learning more about beliefs and other cultures. 


You may be doing a lot in the workplace at this time, and from midweek, you may be able to pull a metaphorical rabbit out of a hat. Matters to do with shared finances or other people’s money or resources could have you feeling good about how things are panning out for you. 


Friends may be instrumental in inspiring you to do more to expand your horizons in some fashion. Career matters are about to get more important, and recent support from a partner or close friend may have you feeling on top of your game. 


There has been a large focus on joint finances and other money from others, such as loans, debts, or inheritances. Now, you may need to turn your attention to your personal finances and resources. From midweek, you may be inspired and innovative in the workplace. 


Your partner or a close friend may be instrumental in helping you to expand through travel, higher education, or exposure to different beliefs or cultures from your own. Relationships, in general, should go particularly well for you at this time. 


Your closest one-on-one relationships and your family are likely to be excellent sources of support at this time. They are encouraging and leave you feeling empowered. Romantically, you may feel like mixing things up a little and taking a walk on the wild side. 


Your partner or a close friend may have some really great ideas concerning creative or other fun topics. Communications with children, lovers, and topics such as socializing and creativity could have you feeling on top of the world. 


Finding ways to make your dollar go further, particularly around the home and living expenses, could be a feature of this week. Career-wise, this may be a time when you are finishing up or presenting an important presentation. 


Your focus on home and family increases from the end of the week. Your interactions with those that you see daily are likely to have you feeling pleasantly buzzed. You may also be feeling pretty good about how others are reacting to you at this time. 


Your personal finances and income are likely to be on your mind at this time. There is the possibility of a matter to do with joint finances, or loans, debts, taxation, or insurances coming to some sort of completion at this time. 


A sibling or someone you see regularly may have some really great ideas on how you can improve your image or vitality this week. Friends are likely to be instrumental in making you feel good about yourself. 


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