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Weekly Horoscope – 2 to 8 May 2022

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Jupiter has been moving up toward its upcoming sextile with Pluto from late last week. On Tuesday, the Jupiter sextile Pluto aspect will be exact late afternoon (4:12 pm C.D.T.). The aspect should start to wane by later afternoon on Sunday. 

Late morning (11:12 am C.D.T.) on Monday, Venus moves into AriesVenus in Aries is a placement where Venus is in detriment (finds it challenging to do what it wants to). This is because when a planet is in Aries, it is ruled by Mars, a planet whose energies are diametrically opposed to those of Venus. 

From early afternoon, the Sun moves up within one degree of its upcoming sextile with Mars. As the Sun is moving a little slower than it usually does, and Mars is moving quite fast, the Sun sextile Mars aspect won’t be exact until the very early hours (3:13 am C.D.T.) on Saturday. The aspect won’t start to wane until late night Wednesday next week (the 11th of May). 

From the very, very early hours of Tuesday, Mars starts to move up toward its upcoming sextile with Uranus. On Wednesday, the Mars sextile Uranus aspect will be exact late morning (10:32 am C.D.T.). The aspect should start to wane from late night Thursday. 

The Sun moves closer toward its upcoming conjunction with Uranus from late night on Tuesday. On Thursday morning, the Sun conjunct Uranus is exact in the early hours (2:05 am C.D.T.). The aspect should start to wane by the early morning of Friday. 

From mid-afternoon on Wednesday, Venus moves closer to its upcoming sextile with Mercury. Usually, Mercury is the faster of these two planets and would be the one doing the chasing, but Mercury is moving at about half its usual speed as it is getting ready to retrograde. 

The Venus sextile Mercury aspect will be exact in Friday’s very early hours (1:00 am C.D.T.). The aspect will start to wane from mid-morning on Saturday. 

All times and dates given are for U.S.A. Central Daylight Time (C.D.T.)

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This might be a great week to work behind the scenes to improve your financial outlook. You may have some great ideas midweek about how you can increase your income, finances, or resources. There could be some power struggles in the workplace, but you have a good chance of coming out on top of matters. 


Friends or groups may be instrumental in getting you to change up your image, appearance, or health at this time. They can really spur you on. You may also be looking into expanding your horizons in some fashion. This may be through travel, higher learning, religion, or exposure to other beliefs and cultures. 


You are likely to be a dynamo in the workplace at this time. You likely have some original, and perhaps off the wall, ideas that could really get you noticed career-wise. Issues related to shared finances and resources, inheritances, loans, taxes, or insurance could also have a knock-on effect concerning your personal reputation or career. 


You are likely to be looking to inject a little more adventure into your life at this time. This may be through travel, higher learning, or exposure to other beliefs and cultures. You may find that joining a group or reaching out to a friend can help you achieve those goals. You may also have support from a partner or good friend to expand your horizons. 


In the workplace, you are generating brilliant and revolutionary ideas. You may also have assistance from others when carrying out some of these plans. Before accepting help, though, make sure that you know all the potential pitfalls and what you may be opening yourself up to concerning obligations (especially financial ones). 


Your partner may be instrumental in encouraging you to expand your horizons. You may be looking to travel, take up some form of study, or expose yourself to other beliefs and cultures. There is likely to be a lot of intensity and enthusiasm when it comes to socializing, children, and creative projects. 


There is likely a lot of tedious work, drudgery, and just blah stuff to wade through at this time, but there could be some awesome rewards coming your way because of this. Matters to do with shared finances and resources will likely have you brainstorming some innovative ideas. 


This could be a wonderful time with your partner or good friends. There is likely to be a feeling of excitement and that anything can happen at any given moment. This may be a great time to involve yourself in artistic or creative projects, spend time with children, or socialize with others. Siblings and matters concerning your local area likely have you feeling optimistic at this time. 


There is likely a lot of drudge work to complete at this time. Still, you are likely to find a way to make this more enjoyable and maybe even make it work better for you in some fashion. Family members may be instrumental in helping you with these matters. Family may also be able to help you with some financial issues or able to support you in some other manner. 


This can be a really fun time. You are likely to be feeling quite creative or be in the mood to change up what you do for fun. Siblings may be instrumental in helping you explore this more creative or social side of yourself. Your enthusiasm and optimism at this time impresses others and draws attention to you. 


Money may be burning a hole in your pocket at this time, and you may overestimate just how much is coming in. A family member, perhaps a parent, may be able to help with these matters or some sort of other resources for you. The second part of the week can be an excellent time for creative matters, romance, socializing, and spending time with your children. 


You may be instrumental in helping out a sibling or those in your local area this week. You have energy to burn at this time but need to be emotionally motivated to really act on it. Creative ideas are likely midweek especially. Friends may be able to lend you a hand in achieving something that improves your image, appearance, or health in some way. 


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