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Weekly Horoscope – 20 to 26 December 2021

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Sun sextile Jupiter
We start the week with the Sun having just moved past its exact sextile with Jupiter the previous evening (6:18 pm Sunday C.S.T.). The aspect will begin to wane late-night Monday.

Saturn square Uranus
The Saturn square Uranus aspect has been prominent for a lot of 2021, and it is now moving up closer to one of its final exact aspects. They have been within 1° of an exact square since last Wednesday evening and will be exact late evening (11:14 pm C.S.T.) on Thursday. The aspect should start to wane in the early hours of January 1, 2022.

Retrograde Venus conjunct Pluto
Venus stationed retrograde in the early hours of Sunday and is now heading back to make another conjunction with Pluto. The exact conjunction will be early morning (5:38 am C.S.T) on Saturday. The aspect will remain within a 1° orb until the early hours of December 28. After Venus stations direct, there will be a third Venus-Pluto conjunction on March 3.

Mercury trine Uranus. 
Mercury moves up closer to its upcoming trine with Uranus from the very beginning of the week. The aspect will be exact early afternoon (2:16 pm C.S.T.) on Monday and will start to wane from mid-morning on Tuesday.

Sun enters Capricorn/Solstice.
The Sun enters the sign of Capricorn late morning (10 am C.S.T.) on Tuesday. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is synced with the Winter Solstice. In contrast, it is synced with the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

Mercury sextile Neptune
Mercury moves up closer to its upcoming sextile with Neptune from late-night on Saturday. The aspect is exact mid-afternoon (3:25 pm C.S.T.) on Sunday. The aspect will start to wane from the early hours of Monday.

Wishing you all a happy, safe, and love-filled holiday season. 

All dates given are for U.S.A. Central Standard Time (C.S.T.)

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Issues related to groups, friends, and organizations and your income, finances, or possession may be problematic over the next few weeks. There is a strong focus on the workplace or your public reputation at this time. Matters to do with your work relationships or what you value regarding your career are likely to be strong at this time. 


There may be tension in your career or regarding your public reputation in some fashion over the next few weeks. Broadening your horizons in some way, such as travel, higher education, or exploring esoteric subjects, religion, or other cultures, could be pretty intense at this time. You may evaluate how you feel about these subjects and those you meet through these activities. 


You may feel very torn over the next few weeks. There is a strong pull to give in to your most outrageous behaviors and indulge in any self-defeating bad habits. This may rub up against your desire to broaden your horizons through study, travel, or exposure to other countries or cultures. It could also lead to trouble with the law. There is a strong focus on shared finances or resources, and discussions may get quite intense. This could involve joint finances, loans, taxation, inheritances, or insurance. 


Try not to make any sudden or irreparable decisions regarding relationships right now. Joint finances or other people’s money could clash somehow with your interaction with friends, groups, and organizations over the next few weeks. Your closest one-on-one relationships draw more of your focus now and could be pretty intense at times. Take time to analyze and review these relationships. 


The demands of a relationship may be vastly at odds with your career matters or your public reputation over the next few weeks. There is a strong focus now on your health, daily routines, pets, and work relationships. Over the next month and a half, there may be much to-ing and fro-ing regarding these matters. 


You may wish to expand your horizons through travel, higher learning, or subjects such as religion, esoteric subjects, or other beliefs and cultures. You may find yourself somewhat hampered by health matters, pets, daily routines, or work matters that impede your desire to do so, though. There is a strong emphasis on the area of your chart to do with children, creativity, sport, socializing, and romance now.  


You may be somewhat preoccupied with matters to do with inheritances, loans, taxation, or shared finances over the next few weeks. This may impede on issues to do with your children, fun activities, romance, creativity, or socializing somehow. There is a strong focus on your parents, home, or real estate matters at this time. Discussions regarding these topics could be rather intense over the next few months. 


Your dedication to family, particularly parents, or concerning your home or real estate matters may be somewhat challenged by a close friend or partner over the next few weeks. There is a strong focus on communications, errands, or issues to do with your siblings or local neighborhood now. Over the next few months, there may be some quite intense moments regarding one of these topics. 


Your communications, relationships with siblings, or those in your local area could be somewhat impacted over the next two weeks. This is likely to involve health matters, pets, daily routines, or those you work with. There is a strong focus on your income and finances now. There may be much analyzing and evaluating these matters over the next month and a half. Discussions regarding these topics could get quite intense. 


Financial matters may be problematic for topics such as your children, creativity, hobbies, socializing, romance, and other fun activities. This is likely to be quite strong over the next few weeks. The good news is that your vitality should start to pick up this week. You may have been feeling quite drained over the last month. There is a lot of focus on your appearance, vitality, and how the public sees you over the next few months. 


Strangely enough, it may be your family that is looking wild and crazy at this time and not you. Their antics or matters relating to your home or real estate may disrupt how you present yourself to the world or your appearance and /or vitality somehow. A lot is going on behind the scenes at the moment for you. There may be a lot of focus on secret or hidden matters or topics related to addictions or self-defeating habits. 


There may be a real shakeup between what you want to keep hidden or secret and siblings over the next few weeks. The area of your chart associated with groups, friends, and organizations is bustling right now. It will remain so over the next few months. You may be analyzing and evaluating these topics over the next few months. 


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