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Weekly Horoscope – 21 to 27 February 2022

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Venus and Mars are still within one degree of their conjunction and will remain so until March 12th. Mars caught up with slow-moving Venus for their exact conjunction on February 16th. 

On March 6th, Venus will have picked up enough speed to exactly conjoin (another word for conjunction) Mars again. This time they will be in the sign of Aquarius, whereas the previous conjunction was in the sign of Capricorn. 

The Jupiter sextile Uranus aspect, which was exact last Thursday, is still in effect from the start of this week. The aspect should start to wane from late morning on Tuesday. 

From the early hours of Tuesday, Mars moves up closer to its upcoming sextile with Neptune. The aspect is exact early afternoon (12:54 pm C.S.T.) on Wednesday. The aspect should start to wane somewhat late night Thursday. 

However, as Venus and Mars are still so close together, their blended energy may still be in evidence as Venus moves up just behind Mars to sextile Neptune

Venus moves up to within one degree of Neptune late on Tuesday. The exact aspect is late-morning (9:49 am C.S.T.) on Thursday. The aspect should start to wane from mid-evening on Friday. 

From the very early hours of Thursday, Mercury moves up closer to its upcoming square with Uranus. The exact aspect will be mid-evening (8:19 pm C.S.T.) on Thursday. The aspect will start to fade out from late afternoon on Friday. 

All dates given are for U.S.A. Central Standard Time (C.S.T.)

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This should be going well with your career or regarding your public reputation. For some, there may even be a romance in the workplace. You feel more relaxed and willing to drift along on a cloud from midweek. Communications with friends may be stressful near the end of the week. This may involve your finances or resources in some way. 


This is an excellent week to exposure yourself to other cultures, countries, and beliefs. There is the possibility of a romance with someone very different from you at this time. From midweek, time spent with groups and friends is delightful. Near the end of the week, communications in the workplace may have you feel frazzled. Hold on; this will soon pass. 


You may find yourself the lucky recipient of someone else’s good fortune this week. This could include a partner who has recently had some good luck and wishes to share it. Midweek may not be the best time for strictly analytical matters in the workplace. If you can find a way to use your imagination and creativity at this time, go for it. The end of the week may have you feeling on edge in general, especially when you find yourself in situations that are new to you. This will only last a couple of days, so try not to fret about it. 


Your most personal relationship is likely to be rather hot right now. If it has been lacking a little in romance, that may be about to change from midweek. Near the end of the week, communications with groups or friends may be a bit contentious and have you feeling wrung out. This will only last a day or so, so try to last it out. 


Your relationships with those you work with may be rather fun and potentially flirty at this time. From midweek, even if there is no romance, there may be a pleasant bonding experience with someone you work with or surrounding your day-to-day routines. Near the weekend, communications with a partner or good friend could be a bit fraught. This could be because of unexpected events happening in the workplace. 


This is likely to be a lovely time spent with children, lovers, and friends. There will likely be an extra frisson of delight in any activity you enjoy, such as creativity, sport, or socializing. From midweek, your closest relationships have you feeling dreamy and nostalgic. Near the end of the week, matters concerning work, health, or pets may have you feeling frayed at the edges, but this will soon pass. 


Home is where the heart is and where the excitement is likely to be at this time. Even the boring day-to-day routines you indulge in may seem more magical midweek. Unexpected communications regarding shared finances or resources may cause some angst near the weekend. This may relate to your children, a hobby, or other fun activity. This will only last a few days, though, so try not to sweat it too much. 


Your day-to-day interactions with others seem more lively and full of fun and affection at this time. You may also be feeling quite romantic from midweek and like sweeping someone special off their feet. Near the weekend, discussions with a partner or good friend regarding your home, family, or real estate matters may have you feeling tense. 


Money, money, money. You may be attracting more money to you at this time, but you may also be spending up big just as quickly. Midweek may be a great time to buy something nice for the home or for a family member. Discussions concerning health, work, or pets may have you feeling on edge near the weekend. This should only last a day or so, so try not to dwell on the negatives too much. 


Your energy levels are likely to be improving, and others are likely to find you charming and delightful. The only real fly in the ointment may be money maters near the weekend. There may be spending on children, a hobby, or a creative project that needs some adjustment. This may have you fretting somewhat, but your anxiety should soon pass. 


There is likely to be a lot going on behind the scenes for you at this time. You may be working hard on a secret project or involved in a private romance. Near the end of the week, changes in the family could have your nerves on edge. This should pass in a few days, so try not to stress too much about it. 


Time spent with those you know through groups and friends is likely to be a lot of fun at this time. There is also the potential for romance in this area of your life. This may have you floating about on cloud 9 midweek. Near the end of the week, you may need to watch your anxiety levels. For a few days, the new and unusual could throw you off balance more than normal.


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