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Weekly Horoscope – 23 to 29 May 2022

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We start the week with the Sun moving closer to its upcoming sextile with Jupiter. On Monday, the Sun sextile Jupiter aspect is exact early morning (5:47 am C.D.T.). The aspect will start to wane from early afternoon on Tuesday. 

We also have the lingering effects of the Mars sextile Pluto aspect that was exact late afternoon on Sunday. The aspect will start to wane from the early hours of Tuesday. 

From the early hours of Monday, retrograde Mercury moves closer to its upcoming sextile with Mars. On Monday, the retrograde Mercury sextile Mars aspect will be exact late night (10:27 pm C.D.T.). The aspect will start to wane from late afternoon on Tuesday. 

From late morning on Monday, Venus moves closer to its upcoming sextile with Saturn. On Tuesday, the Venus sextile Saturn aspect will be exact early morning (5:52 am C.D.T.). The aspect will start to wane from the early hours of Wednesday. 

From mid-evening on Monday, retrograde Mercury moves up closer to its upcoming trine with Pluto. On Wednesday, the retrograde Mercury trine Pluto aspect will be exact late afternoon (4:27 pm C.D.T.). The aspect will start to wane from very late night on Friday. 

Early evening (6:18 pm C.D.T.) on Tuesday, Mars enters Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars, so this is a position that Mars is comfortable in and able to achieve its aims. 

From mid-morning on Thursday, Venus moves closer to its upcoming square with Pluto. On Friday, the Venus square Pluto aspect will be exact in the very early hours (1:18 am C.D.T.). The aspect will start to fade from late night on Friday. 

Late morning (9:47 am C.D.T.) on Saturday, Venus enters Taurus. Taurus is a sign that is ruled by Venus, so Venus is at home and comfortable in this sign. Venus in Taurus is more able to achieve its aims. 

From late morning on Friday, Mars moves closer to its upcoming conjunction with Jupiter. On Sunday, the Mars conjunct Jupiter aspect will be exact early morning (5:15 am C.D.T.). The aspect will start to wane from late night on Monday. 

All times and dates given are for Central Daylight Time (C.D.T.).

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There may be opportunities to increase your income this week. Although, you would be better served to keep researching and refining what you learn at this time. The time to act on these ideas is not quite yet (wait until after 3 June if possible). Your relationships with friends are likely to deepen in some fashion this week. Jealousy and power plays in the workplace are possible near the end of the week.  


You may feel inspired to broaden your horizons in some fashion this week, maybe through higher education, travel, or exposure to other beliefs and customs. This is a great time for investigating all these types of topics. Try not to make any firm commitments until after 3 June. A romance with someone you know through your job is possible this week. Late in the week, there may be some jealousy surrounding matters to do with foreigners, the law, publishing, or higher education. 


You may be working behind the scenes regarding shared finances and resources. This could include inheritances, loans, or joint financial agreements. Try not to commit to anything until after 3 June. If possible, use the time to research what you need to know regarding these matters. Love with someone from a different country or culture is likely this week. Jealousy surrounding how combined assets and finances are divided is possible late in the week. 


You may have some great ideas on harnessing the power of your friendships or alliances this week. If you keep working on these details and refining them until at least 3 June, you will likely find that things work more smoothly for you. Late in the week, there could be some jealousy with a partner related to your career or public reputation or some honor or reward you might receive. 


You are likely putting in a lot of time and attention in the workplace, and you may find that you really need to be on top of your game. The possibility of simple errors slipping through is high at this time. Keep refining any ideas you have, and keep them to yourself until after 3 June. There is the possibility of romance with someone from another country or culture midweek.  


Is there a way to combine work and fun activities? That may be just the topic that you are considering at this time. Or maybe you are trying to work out how to combine your children or a creative project and career. Regardless of what you are working on, try to keep working on that and refining it until after 3 June. Late in the week, there may be jealousy surrounding shared finances and resources. 


This week, you may find yourself sorting out joint finances and resources concerning your parents, family, or home. If possible, try to put off making any big decisions until after 3 June. There is a tendency for things to be missed or need to be revised until after then. Romantically, this may be an up and down week. You may feel more content and secure relationship-wise midweek. However, some jealousy may arise near the end of the week. 


This week, you and your partner or a good friend may have some excellent ideas. However, you may want to keep refining and improving on these until after 3 June. Your relationships with family members should be good mid-week. There is a potential for jealousy, upset with a sibling, or concerning matters with communications, transportation, or your local area near the end of the week. 


You may be looking at ways to improve your day-to-day processes to work more effectively early in the week. There is the possibility that this could also positively impact your health. Before jumping all in, though, try to keep looking for any potential pitfalls, at least until 3 June if possible. Near the end of the week, there could be jealousy and hurt feelings regarding financial matters. 


You may have some great ideas about your children, creative matters, or other fun topics early in the week. You may want to put off jumping in wholeheartedly until after 3 June, though. Up until then, issues with children, creativity, and fun activities are likely to be prone to delays, mix-ups, and misunderstandings. Near the end of the week, there may be some issues concerning jealousy with a family member. 


You may be working behind the scenes on matters concerning your home, living situation, or family. If you can, try to put off doing anything definitively until after 3 June. Your day-to-day contacts are likely to be quite lovely mid-week; you feel the love from those around you. Over the weekend, though, there could be feelings of jealousy possibly connected to a sibling, close family member, or related to technology, communications, or your local area. 


Talking with friends could really inspire some great ideas this week. Try not to jump the gun, though. Keep refining and working on these ideas until after 3 June if possible. Near the end of the week, your relationship with friends or allies could be prone to jealousy and hurt feelings. 


Born and bred in Brisbane, Australia, I have had a fascination with astrology since I was a child. I hold the STA’s Practitioners Level Certification in Horary and am currently studying Hellenistic Astrology.