You are currently viewing Weekly Horoscope – 31 Jan to 24 to 6 Feb 2022

Weekly Horoscope – 31 Jan to 24 to 6 Feb 2022

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We have a New Moon late at night (11:45 pm C.S.T) on Monday. I have recently partnered up with Donna from Donna B Astrology, on a new podcast/video venture called Astro Babble. We will be doing New Moon and Full Moon horoscopes. 

You can listen to the podcast embedded below or check out the Astro Babble YouTube Channel video. 

The Venus trine Uranus has been close to being exact since the 23rd of January. Venus was retrograde and moving back towards making the aspect exact, but didn’t quite make it.

As Venus has only recently stationed direct again, it is moving quite slowly. As such, Venus will remain within a degree of the exact aspect up until late evening on Friday. 

From mid-morning on Wednesday, Mars moves up closer to its sextile to Jupiter. The exact aspect is mid-morning (6:55 am C.S.T) on Friday.  The aspect should start to fade out from mid-morning on Sunday. 

From late-morning on Thursday, the Sun moves up within a degree of its upcoming conjunction with Saturn. The conjunction of Sun and Saturn begins a new synodic cycle for Saturn

The exact conjunction occurs early afternoon (12:56 pm C.S.T.) on Friday. The aspect will start to fade late afternoon on Saturday. 

Late night Thursday, Mercury stations direct, after its retrograde period. While for many, this may mean that miscommunications, mix-ups and delays are improved, for some, the retrograde shadow period may mean that it takes a while longer before moving past these issues. 

All dates given are for U.S.A. Central Standard Time (C.S.T.)

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This week, there is still a lot going on in your 10th house of career and public reputation. Matters to do with groups, friends, and organizations may require more attention from you late in the week. You may be working enthusiastically behind the scenes, and this may pay off for you quite unexpectedly. 


There is still a strong focus on higher education, long-distance travel, the law, and beliefs at this time. Friends or groups you belong to may be instrumental in pushing you to achieve your aims regarding study, travel, or broadening your horizons in some fashion. There may be new responsibilities or obligations surrounding your career from late in the week. 


Shared finances, loans, taxation, or inheritances may be strongly featured at this time. Some of this may be connected with your career. It

 also possible you may gain a higher profile because of these matters. You may be seriously considering embarking on a long-distance trip, higher education, or exposing yourself to other beliefs or cultures. 


Your closest one-on-one relationships are likely to be a strong focus for you at this time. A partner or good friend may be responsible for expanding your horizons in some fashion. This may be through study, travel, or exposure to other beliefs or cultures. Joint finances, loans, taxes, or insurances may need your attention near the end of the week. 


There is still a strong focus on your health, work relationships, and pets at this time. Your closest one-on-one relationships may need more of your attention near the end of the week. This may include romantic partners, business partners, or close friends.  


There is a lot of activity surrounding children, socializing, creativity, and other fun activities this week. A partner may be very enthusiastic in encouraging you to take more time to enjoy yourself this week. Matters to do with pets, work, or your health may have you taking on more responsibility near the end of the week. 


A lot is going on in the area of your life associated with your parents, home, or living situation. You have energy to burn in this area of your life at this time, and a productive use of it would be working on your home.There may be new responsibilities for your children, a hobby, romance, or another fun topic.  


Communications, siblings, and matters to do with your local area continue to be strong themes in your life at this time. You are likely to be looking for more fun from midweek, and a sibling or neighbor may be just the person to help you do so. From late in the week, matters to do with your parent, home, or real estate may require your attention. 


Money matters are still a strong focus for you at this time. This week, parents or matters to do with your home or living situation may be quite fortunate. There may be more paperwork, communication, or dealings with siblings that require your attention near the end of the week. 


There is still a strong focus on your health and vitality, appearance, or how others see you at this time. You may be brimming over with good ideas that you know just how to put into action this week. Money matters may require your attention near the end of the week. 


This is usually a quiet time for you. Your energy levels may have seemed lower than usual, but that may improve this week. You may be working behind the scenes to improve your finances or income streams. Near the end of the week, you may seem a little somber and detached from others. 


A lot is going on in the area of your life associated with groups, friends, and organizations still. These people are likely to push and encourage you to be more expressive of yourself. Near the end of the week, you may be pondering escapist or self-defeating habits and how you can get a handle on them better. 


Born and bred in Brisbane, Australia, I have had a fascination with astrology since I was a child. I hold the STA’s Practitioners Level Certification in Horary and am currently studying Hellenistic Astrology.