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Weekly Horoscope – 4 to 10 July 2022

A rundown of the main transits for the week is below, or you can jump directly to the horoscopes for all zodiac signs. 

We start the week with Mercury moving up toward its upcoming sextile with Mars. The planets get within one degree of forming a sextile to each other while Mars is in Aries and Mercury is in Gemini. 

These are signs that these planets rule, so they are quite powerful and able to act as they wish in these signs. However, this soon changes, as both planets move into new signs before the sextile aspect between them is exact. 

Mars enters Taurus in Tuesday’s very early hours (1:04 am C.D.T.). This is a significant shift for Mars, going from a sign that it rules and is at home to one where it is said to be in detriment (not comfortable and unable to act as it would wish). 

Not long afterward (1:26 am C.D.T.) Mercury moves into Cancer. Mercury was previously domicile (at home, in a sign that it rules) in Gemini, so moving into Cancer means losing some dignity (ability to do what it wishes). It is also under the beams of the Sun at this time (too close to the Sun to be seen).

As Mercury moves into Cancer, it’s sextile with Mars becomes exact. The aspect should start to wane from mid-evening on Wednesday. 

From early Friday afternoon, Mercury moves closer to its upcoming square with Jupiter. The Mercury square Jupiter aspect will be exact in the very early hours (1:06 am C.D.T.) of Saturday. The aspect should start to wane from early afternoon on Saturday. 

From the very early hours of Saturday, the Sun moves up toward its upcoming sextile with Uranus. The Sun sextile Uranus aspect will be exact in the early hours (3:16 am C.D.T.) of Sunday. The aspect will start to wane from mid-morning on Monday. 

All times given are for U.S.A. Central Time (C.D.T.)

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You may need to watch that you don’t let money burn a hole in your pocket, as the desire to spend up big will be strong. You may communicate more with parents, extended family, or real estate matters. You may have ambitious plans regarding your home or real estate matters, but they may need to be refined and worked on more before they can come to pass.  


Your energy levels should start to pep up from the start of the week. Communications with siblings and those in your neighbourhood are likely to increase. You may have some exciting ideas percolating in the back of your mind, but they may require some further finessing a little further down the track. 


Your energy levels are likely to take quite a dip at this time. Make sure to get enough rest and recharge your batteries as needed. Over the next few weeks, you will be thinking and communicating more about topics related to your income, finances, and resources. 


You have a lot to say to others at this time, and usually, people would be thrilled to hear what you have to say. However, you may find that it seems like nobody is really paying attention or listening. Activities with friends and groups may increase at this time. You may have some exciting plans regarding your career or public reputation. Still, they may need some fine-tuning before being put into action. 


You are likely to be putting a lot of time and energy into the workplace. As hard as you work, you might not feel like you are getting as far as you want. You are also likely to be concocting many ideas behind the scenes at this time. Plans to do with higher education, travel, beliefs, or esoteric subjects may have you excited near the end of the week but may require more work and time than you first anticipate.


You will likely be talking more with groups, friends, and allies now. You may be interested in pursuing an interest that expands your horizons in some fashion. This may be through travel, higher education, or exposure to other beliefs or cultures. Discussions surrounding joint finances or other people’s money may have you feeling quite triumphant. However, bringing these ideas into reality may take longer than first anticipated.  


You are likely to be doing a lot more communicating with others in the workplace at this time. There may also be some squabbles surrounding matters to do with other people’s money. This could include inheritances, joint finances, loans, taxes, or insurance. You may have some exciting plans with a partner about how you can elevate your public reputation in some way. Still, enacting this may not be as quick or as simple as you think. 


Over the next few weeks, you may be thinking more about higher education, overseas travels, foreigners, or other beliefs and cultures. Your closest one-on-one relationships could be a little tense at this time, so try to find constructive ways to use that energy instead. Planning a getaway or studying a new topic together could also be a great use of that energy in the first part of the week. 


You may find that you are busy dealing with other people’s money now. This could include inheritances, joint finances, loans, debts, and taxes. The day-to-day routines could become a little more irritating over the next month. This could be traffic jams, catching every red light when in a hurry, etc. 


You will likely be communicating more with close friends, business, and romantic partners over the next few weeks. You may have some really fun, exciting ideas you come up with during the first part of the week. Plans to do with parents, your home, or real estate matters may have you feeling optimistic in the second part of the week. However, pulling these plans off may require more time and effort than initially thought. 


Over the next few weeks, there is the possibility of more arguments with your parents or those you live with. A better way to use this energy would be to improve your home or living conditions. You may be thinking more about pets, your health, or your daily routine matters. Ambitious and exciting plans with a sibling or concerning your local neighborhood might take longer to execute than you first anticipated. 


You may find yourself fighting more with siblings or those you see daily. A much better use of that energy would be to use it to help improve your local area or tackle paperwork. You will likely be thinking more about fun topics, romances and children over the next few weeks. Ambitious plans to improve your finances or resources may need a little more definition before they can be implemented.


Born and bred in Brisbane, Australia, I have had a fascination with astrology since I was a child. I hold the STA’s Practitioners Level Certification in Horary and am currently studying Hellenistic Astrology.