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Weekly Horoscope – 6 to 12 June 2022

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There is not much planetary energy happening this week. However, the ones that are occurring are powerful enough to keep us all on our toes. 

Mercury moves up toward its upcoming trine with Pluto from late afternoon on Wednesday. Mercury has not long ago stationed direct and is still moving a lot slower than it usually does. As such, the Mercury trine Pluto aspect will not be exact until late afternoon (4:04 pm C.D.T.) on Friday. The aspect will start to wane from mid-morning on Sunday. 

From late night on Friday, Venus moves toward its upcoming conjunction with Uranus. On Saturday, the Venus conjunct Uranus aspect will be exact late afternoon (5:49 pm C.D.T.). The aspect will start to wane from late afternoon on Sunday. 

All times given are for Central Daylight Time (C.D.T.)

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You may have some outstanding ideas concerning how you can increase your income or resources in the workplace or through something you do publicly. You may be tempted to buy something unusual or different this week. It could be something as simple as purchasing clothing that is not your usual style or an exciting, innovative, and futuristic item.


You may have exposed yourself to different beliefs, cultures, esoteric topics, higher learning, publishing, or the law lately. This may result in a breakthrough in your thinking or learning processes this week. You may be in the mood to shake things up and shock a few people over the weekend.


You may be doing a lot of thinking behind the scenes regarding shared finances and resources. From midweek onward, you may come up with some ideas that are rather transformative regarding these topics. When it comes to romance, there may be a secretive, daring, and exciting edge to it (even if it’s with a long-term partner).


Your relationship with your partner may benefit from sharing your hopes and dreams with each other or mixing more with friends, or joining a group together. There may be some serious sexy vibes for those without a romantic partner with someone you know through friends or groups. 


A lot is going on in the workplace this week, and opening yourself up to really analyzing what is happening regarding your career, could prove rather transformative. In the workplace or out in public, you carry yourself with a confident swagger at this time. For some, there could be an electrifying connection with someone you knew through your work or an activity that you participate in regularly. 


Matters to do with your children, romance, creativity, or socializing could have a transformative effect and have you looking to expand your horizons in some fashion. For some, a romance with someone from a different country or culture is possible. You are drawn to what is different from what you grew up with at this time. What is not known draws you in now. 


Matters to do with shared finances and resources and your home, family, or real estate may have you thinking differently this week. You may benefit from a partner or a good friend this week. They may be able to bring some unexpected and unusual good fortune to you. 


This week, talking with your partner or a good friend can be a truly transformative experience. Romance is sultry and electrifying this week. You may want to spice up a current relationship. In contrast, others may find that they are attracted to someone very different from their usual type. 


You may be thinking a lot about health matters, pets, or your service or work for others. The potential to increase your finances or resources surrounding one of those topics is increased this week. There may be romantic sparks with someone that works for you, or there could be a connection to pets (a rendevous at the dog park?) or someone that works in the health field. 


Your creativity is likely to receive a boost this week. This could have a knock-on effect of changing people’s opinion of you. You are drawn to the unusual, innovative, and avant-garde this week regarding art, romance, socializing and fun activities. 


You may learn something about your parents, family, or real estate matters previously hidden or unknown to you this week. This could have a powerful effect on you. If you are decorating your home or living space at this time, you are likely to be drawn to furnishings and decorations that are very different from your usual taste. 


Friends or groups could have a truly transformative effect on your thinking this week. You are likely looking to mix things up at this time. You want to experience something different from your usual neighborhood and day-to-day life. 


Born and bred in Brisbane, Australia, I have had a fascination with astrology since I was a child. I hold the STA’s Practitioners Level Certification in Horary and am currently studying Hellenistic Astrology.