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Gift Guide by Zodiac Sign

Gift guide by zodiac sign to help find the perfect gift for that special someone.

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Gift Ideas for Aries the Ram

March 21 – April 19
Ruled by Mars
Color: Red
Gem (March): Aquamarine
Gem (April): Diamond

As Aries loves being first, anything unusual and likely to make them stand out from the pack is going to be appreciated. This is the sign of the daredevil, they are in a hurry to get everywhere and set the world on fire.

As Aries rules the head, such things as hair accessoriesearrings  and sunglasses will be popular. You can’t go wrong with Ray-Bans

Aries is always on the move – what better way to combine form and function than this Fitbit Flex 2 Accessory Bangle. You get the best of both worlds, you can keep on track with your fitness goals, but also look stylish while doing so. It comes in gold and rose gold too!

For the men, gadgety “toys” like the Solar Marble Machine will win their approval as will anything that confirms his status as an action man. Tickets to a sporting event are also likely to be popular with the Aries male. 

Gift Ideas for Taurus the Bull

April 20 – May 20
Ruled by Venus
Color: Green
Gem (April): Diamond
Gem (May): Emerald

Taurus knows how to appreciate the finer things in life. Comfort features largely in the Taurus home and any gift that allows them to wallow in luxury will go over well.

Taurus rules the throat and vocal cords so music will always make a popular gift. The Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating Speaker combines beauty and function; something that a Taurus certainly appreciates.

hamper full of tempting and delicious delicacies will also win you their approval. For women, necklaces would be suitable. For either sex, gifts that allow them to express their own creative natures would be appreciated.

Gift Ideas for Gemini the Twins

May 21 – June 20
Ruled by Mercury
Color: Yellow
Gem (May): Emerald
Gem (June): Pearl

A Gemini is usually curious about everything they come across and they have a reputation for being easily bored. You could almost argue that there needs to be two of them to cover all the ground they do.

As they are always on the go, travel accessories would be popular with both sexes. Games such as Cards Against Humanity are fun and appeal to the Gemini sense of humor and quick wit.  Their ruler Mercury is the planet of communication so telephone and Internet accessories are likely to be popular as well.

As Gemini rules the hands and arms among other things, when it comes to jewelry, ringsbracelets, and watches make great gifts for either sex.

Gift Ideas for Cancer the Crab 

June 21 – July 22
Ruled by the Moon
Color: Violet
Gem (June): Pearl
Gem (July): Ruby

Ruled by the Moon, most Cancers are very attached to their family and homes.

Cancer loves to be pampered and coddled. As the first of the water signs, bath bombs  should be well received by the female crabs. Gifts that show that you really have gone out of your way to pick something just for them will win you lots of points here.

Cancer rules the stomach and food and cooking (pictured) are usually popular with both sexes. A hamper packed with their favorites would be appreciated. Backing this up by whisking them away for a romantic picnic or a weekend away will go over incredibly well.

Gift Ideas for Leo the Lion

July 23 – August 22
Ruled by the Sun
Color: Gold
Gem (July): Ruby
Gem (August): Peridot

Leos quite naturally think of themselves as the King and Queen of their personal jungles. They are often rather dramatic and are likely to have a following of loyal friends who appreciate their rather regal charms.


Anything that helps them stand out from the crowd will please both the lion and lioness. Just make sure it is quality and you will have a big old pussycat on your hands. Fine champagne, gourmet cheeses, and chocolates would be appropriate, as would gold jewelry.

Gift Ideas for Virgo the Virgin

August 23 – September 22
Ruled by Mercury
Color: Blue
Gem (August): Peridot
Gem (September): Sapphire

Virgos are the most practical sign of the zodiac and are likely to appreciate gifts that they can use and that helps to keep their life in order. Ruled by Mercury, they are intellectually inclined.

An elegant briefcase or Filofax would make good presents. Gift certificates for a spa session or manicure would also be well appreciated. Books are likely to be welcomed by both sexes, although you may be better off buying non-fiction as opposed to fiction. Executive desk toys are something else that might appeal to the Virgo in your life.

Gift Ideas for Libra the Scales

September 23 – October 22
Ruled by Venus
Color: Green
Gem (September): Sapphire
Gem (October): Opal

Ruled by Venus the planet of love and beauty you can’t go wrong by buying gifts that reflect an inner peace and harmony. This sign more than any other strives to create a balance in its life and needs harmony and peaceful surroundings to help them leave the sometimes too hectic world behind. An Essential Oil Diffuser is ideal for a Libra with its ability to reduce stress.

Elegant and tasteful knickknacks for around the home would be appropriate, most particularly in pairs. Two beautiful candlestick holders ; silver photo frames or twin bookends will delight those born under this sign. An elegant watch or dinner at an exclusive restaurant will appeal to both sexes, as would a basket of gourmet goodies.

Gifts Ideas for Scorpio the Scorpion

October 23 – November 21
Ruled by Pluto
Color: Maroon
Gem (October): Opal
Gem (November): Topaz

Dark and mysterious Scorpio, more than any other sign, inspires fear in the other signs and with good cause. A good and loyal friend, they will never forget a kindness, but never forget an injury either.

For either sex, sunglasses to conceal just who or what they are looking at while they are about and about would be appropriate. Do a little research and find your Scorpio’s favorite perfume or cologne.

Scorpio also likes to know things – all things, so books and DVD’s on unusual and little known but interesting subjects are likely to appeal. Games of strategy and spy gadgets should appeal to both sexes.

Gift Ideas for Sagittarius the Archer

November 22 – December 21
Ruled by Jupiter
Color: Purple
Gem (November): Topaz
Gem (December): Turquoise

Ruled by Jupiter, those born under Sagittarius are usually the clown princes of the zodiac. They love to travel and hate to be tied down. They are also likely to be quite sporty and active.

Known for their love of travel, this international travel adapter (pictured) is an excellent choice. Books and DVDs on travel to different exotic places will appeal to this sign. They are also likely to be quite interested in sports. Sports equipment or gym membership will also be well received. This sign can also be prone to accidents, so a travel medical kit would also be quite appropriate.

Gift Ideas for Capricorn the Goat

December 22 – January 19
Ruled by Saturn
Color: Indigo
Gem (December): Turquoise
Gem (January): Garnet

Capricorn has an appreciation for history and tradition. They like things to be done in the correct manner. They are consistent and conscientious workers.

You can’t go wrong with the classics, like a pair of diamond earrings. Antiques will be well received and a welcome present for a Capricorn. Gifts made of quality materials, such as this  Blue Lapis Gemstone Globe with Gold Stand will appeal to your Capricorn. Pocket watches may be quite popular with both male and female Capricorns.

Gift Ideas for Aquarius the Water Bearer

January 20 – February 19
Ruled by Uranus
Color: Violet
Gem (January): Garnet
Gem (February): Amethyst

Those born under Aquarius are known for being “out there”. They are unusual and individualistic and are often surrounded by friends. This sign can come across as a little impersonal at times as they often feel more content within a crowd of friends than in a one on one relationship.

Anything unusual and one of a kind will please the Aquarian in your life. They are sure to love a Virtual Reality headset.  They are likely to be into new age therapies so you could try your luck with such things as aromatherapy. Another new-age technique that might interest them is cupping. Astronomy is usually very popular with Aquarians so telescopes are likely to be a very popular gift. To really impress an Aquarian you could have a star named after them.

Gift Ideas for Pisces the Fish

February 19 – March 20
Ruled by Neptune
Color: Indigo
Gem (February): Amethyst
Gem (March): Aquamarine

Pisces are usually the softer, dreamy types and anything romantic or sentimental will appeal to them immensely.

Photographic equipment and frames would make good gifts for the Pisces. Luxury bath oils and scents will appeal to the women as will perfume. Water accessories for surfing, diving or swimming should be well received. Pisces often have some musical talent as well so music and or musical equipment are likely to be a good choice.


Born and bred in Brisbane, Australia, I have had a fascination with astrology since I was a child. I hold the STA’s Practitioners Level Certification in Horary and am currently studying Hellenistic Astrology.