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How the Zodiac Signs Celebrate New Year’s Eve

It’s usually not difficult to spot the various zodiac signs if you have a little knowledge of astrology. Next time you are out at an event or celebration, have a look around and see if you can spot the different astrological archetypes on display.

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Aries on New Year’s Eve

You’ll quite possibly hear an Aries before you see them. Regardless of what sort of party you are attending, you will quite likely find them telling anyone that listens that they can drink anyone under the table (and most of them probably can). The first to rise to a dare, and eager to show off how “cool” or brave they are; an Aries is often lucky that they have friends to save them from themselves. They can be quite convincing when they want to be, add alcohol and they are damn near unstoppable. They will be as excited as a child at Christmas when the clock chimes 12 but possibly pout when everyone wants to wind things down after 2 am or so.

Taurus on New Year’s Eve

Taurus likes their comfort and would prefer to host a party at their own place. If you are lucky enough to be invited to a Taurus party, it will likely be a memorable affair.  If they do get talked into going out for New Year’s Eve they will want to know where they are going and what they should be wearing. They will likely want to catch up with friends for dinner before going to any parties that await them later in the night. Taurus is a touchy-feely sign and will make good use of this while flirting. When drunk their inner Casanova or seductress comes out. When a Taurus decides that you’re worth tangoing with, you are in for a fine time.

Gemini on New Year’s Eve

Are you going out partying with a Gemini for New Year’s Eve? Good luck – you will need it as you are likely to be attending quite a few shindigs. Gemini is a social butterfly and will not be short of invitations for the big night. Rather than turn anyone down and miss out on some exciting possibility, Gemini will do their best to make it to as many parties as possible. Geminis have the gift of the gab and will make friends wherever they are. They may or may not go home with someone, but they are likely to be going home with quite a few phone numbers nonetheless.

Cancer on New Year’s Eve

Cancer would probably prefer to host a New Year’s Eve party rather than attend one. That is not to say that they don’t enjoy a party, they do, but they do tend to be homebodies. Cancers are very nurturing and will make sure that everyone is safe and having a good time. If anyone gets a little emotional during the big night, Cancer will be right there to listen and offer support. Charming, sweet, and not afraid to get a bit emotional – Cancer may not be as direct when it comes to pursuing someone who has caught their eye.  Others may wonder how Cancer intends to win someone over when they go about romance in such a roundabout way. Once a Cancer gets their claws into you though, it can be hard to break away, but why would you want to?

Leo on New Year’s Eve

See that party animal over there? Dancing on tables? Telling jokes to an adoring audience? You’re probably watching a Leo work the room. Anything a little extravagant and over the top will appeal to them. Good food, good wine, and good friends are the perfect recipe to keep Leo happy. Add in the possibility of rubbing shoulders with some V.I.P.’s and they’re in heaven. If you’re short on ideas about what to do for the big night – ask your Leo friends – they will likely know where all the fun and happening parties are taking place.

Virgo on New Year’s Eve

What would we do without Virgos? Well, for a start, we probably wouldn’t know where all the fun was happening and the best way to get there. Virgo will know though, and half the fun for Virgo is in the preparation for the big night.  On the night itself, Virgo may drink quite a bit but is unlikely to get “messy” drunk. Virgo, male or female, is likely to have one eye on the party, and one eye on their friends; making sure that everyone is safe and doesn’t need help.

Libra on New Year’s Eve

Another social butterfly, Libra, along with Gemini will likely be attending several parties. After all, there are only so many people you can flirt with at one party. Friendly, charming Libra will be found mingling around, making sure that everyone else is being included. They will talk to anyone and everyone. If there is the potential for hurt feelings or things getting a little heated, Libra is there to save the day (or night) with their diplomatic ways. If they decide to turn the charm on, there are very few people who can resist them.

Scorpio on New Year’s Eve

No matter what a Scorpio is doing, whether they are laughing, dancing or just people watching they give off a sort of sizzling smolder.  No matter how much Scorpio has to drink though, they are unlikely to be making fools of themselves….. they just don’t do that. You may have heard the reputation that Scorpio has for passion and intensity and think, that’s not at all like the Scorpio I know. Maybe you just haven’t seen them in that mode yet. If you want to see persistence and hypnotic power in action, find a Scorpio trying to impress someone on New Year’s Eve.

Sagittarius on New Year’s Eve

You can find Sagittarius front and center at parties, telling a story of their latest adventures or possibly getting the punch line to a joke wrong. Another table dancer if they have had enough to drink (and even if they are sober) they are also likely to bear some battle scars the next day. It won’t be the first time they have woken up to reminders of chairs they walked into or a twisted ankle. Sagittarius will likely work the room, moving from group to group, talking to as many people as possible. Formal seating arrangements are anathema to them, let them mingle, that way they might not put their foot in their mouth.

Capricorn on New Year’s Eve

If New Years was a test – Capricorn would ace it. They know all the traditions because they googled it. They know exactly where they will be spending the night, what they will be wearing, and have known for weeks now. They know exactly who they want to kiss at midnight (or what type) and will have a good time doing so. For a sign that often comes across as rather straight-laced – they know how to cut loose and have some serious fun. To their mind – knowing the traditions – only makes it more fun when they put their own spin on it.

Aquarius on New Year’s Eve

Aquarius loves parties – and parties love Aquarius. They love being around people and may actually be one of the few signs that feel a bit “whatever” at midnight. Yes – all the kissing – good – good – you can do that at home and more – lets party! You will find them mixing with a wide variety of people. If you find yourself eavesdropping on any of their conversations you will likely be quite surprised at just how articulate and passionate they can be about quite obscure topics, even if roaring drunk.

Pisces on New Year’s Eve

Pisces, very similar to Cancer, are likely to be keeping an eye out for their friends. Drunk little fishes can make amusing friends – but are also more likely to tire and fall asleep earlier than the other signs. They will love the camaraderie of getting together with friends, even more so if they all get ready from one place before heading out for the big night. Sentimental by nature, they may get a little teary if there has been enough alcohol flowing. Karaoke is likely to be popular with Pisces, as it allows them to get all that emotion out in a healthy way.

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